Nächste launch the MES software platform Indy 4.0 Indy 4.0: the easy interconnection

Managing, optimizing and controlling production in real-time has never been so simple thanks to the latest generation MES software Indy 4.0. This platform is provided by Progetto Nächste, an Italian company specializing in information security, consulting, and development of innovative technological projects.
Any entrepreneur’s dream is to be able to take advantage of cutting-edge technological solutions in total security and with actual profits. Progetto Nächste was born with this goal in mind and the new MES Indy 4.0 software is a significant proof of its commitment and ability to create successful solutions.
MES Indy 4.0 is a software that connects machines and production plants using FDC (Field Data Collector) 4.0 technology and manages production by monitoring the information of the entire production process in real-time. To guarantee ease of use, its interface is simple and intuitive, and its system easily integrates with different capital goods and CNC by applying parametric technology and Event-Driven Programming.

In addition to integrating the existing company’s information system (management, planning and programming software), the platform also helps optimise the workflow with specific functions such as the automatic production data distribution in digital form to the operators. Other useful elements are the fast user role management (administrator, toolmaker and operator), set-up time and downtime.
Progetto Nächste has created this platform for all companies that want to improve their production processes, but also for those entrepreneurs who either want to purchase or have already bought a machine designed for Industry 4.0 and do not know how to make the most of it. Thanks to its modular architecture, Indy 4.0 can be customised according to the needs of individual companies and can be a precious partner for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to industries.
What can you do using the MES platform?
Among the most important functions the user can finally get rid of production orders and paper worksheets, manage production feeds directly from the production department and monitor the updated status in real-time. But most of all there is an improved efficiency thanks to the reduction of errors due to missing or incomplete information or the lack of updated production statistics.
Thanks to the user-friendly web interface, the advantages are also very relevant for operators, who can monitor and control the machine even if wearing bulky equipment or working in harsh environments.

Indy 4.0 was designed and realized by Progetto Nächste, a company with a strong future-oriented DNA that provides solutions that already meet the technological needs of tomorrow. The company deals with cybersecurity and business continuity as well as consultancy and development of technology and innovation projects.
It follows ISO 27001 International Standard guidance that specifies the requirements for continuously establishing, implementing and improving the information security management system within an organization. Progetto Nächste builds all its activities on the principles of transparency, accuracy, availability and strict application of the principle of third parties.
Furthermore, as a successful partner for its customers, the company has always implemented the ability to change and react quickly and with appropriate responses to any business need. The company’s activities of research and technological development are carried out in the headquarters of Progetto Nächste, located in Udine at the Friuli Innovazione Research and Technology Transfer Centre.

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