BARETTI Mefe 130 years of Technology innovation

Baretti was founded in 1890 by Giovanni Baretti the grandfather of the actual CEO, Fabio Baretti Paleari. Since then, the company has seen several transformations and gone through evolutions to meet the required market needs and the socio-economics changes.
During the fifties, Baretti Mefe. entered into the business of the equipment like oil tanks, offshore piers, vessels, reactors and distillation columns for the newly growing hydrocarbon industry. After few years, Baretti Mefe started the construction and installation of Marine Loading
Arms (MLA), special facilities for the loading of oil and its products on the super tankers. Nowadays, Baretti designs innovative MLA different from the similar products on the market; the newest Baretti’s MLA generation presenting important operative advantages as well as important technical and reliable innovations and they guaranteeing better safety operation thanks to improved sealing systems eliminating environmental contaminations.

Baretti’s MLA represent the state-of-the-art technology, using a consolidate know how, design and operating system.
Their installation can be done with only one lift saving time very important in the offshore activities and they can be managed with the most modern remote systems.
Baretti Mefe business is also focused on the technologies for the hydrocarbon processing industries and separation components thanks to the acquisition of licenses for distillation tray technologies like valves trays, bubble caps tray and developed internally the know how to design and produce High Performance Trays-HPT, Random and Structured packing systems. All this equipment has a wide range of applications in the worldwide refineries as in Topping or Vacuum Towers, Ammine adsorption or regeneration towers. Close to the distillation applications, there are also the production of reactors internal for the refineries catalytical units. Thanks to his long-time presence on the market, Baretti Mefe is proud to serve the bigger worldwide Oil Companies providing them innovation
Baretti Mefe has also a worldwide organization with offices in France (Baretti Sarl) for the spare part equipment, and local offices in Brasile and Nigeria.

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