Pompe Cucchi

Gear metering pumps, Gear transfer pumps, Piston metering pumps, Diaphragm metering pumps

Pompe Cucchi is a company that designs and manufactures gear and metering pumps, that has been operating in the sector of metering and fluid transfer for over 60 years, and it is the distributor in Italy of the industrial pumps ITT Jabsco, GRACO pneumatic diaphragm pump, and drum pumps Grun-Pumpen.
The corporate mission is to design and manufacture metering and transfer pumps following criteria of product engineering that meet out customers’ needs: quality, reliability in time, simple inspection, maintenance and cleaning and also to offer a competent technical assistance based on a team of experts in order to find solutions for multiple sectors through the use of innovative materials.
Engineering, experience, competence, passion and commitment: this is the formula that Pompe Cucchi follows in its everyday work to offer you the best.

Pompe Cucchi offers to its customers:
-60 years of experience in the sector. Born as a manufacturing company for standard gear pumps for lubricating and viscous liquid products, in time, through the realization of innovative projects, it now offers products that allow pumping and metering non-lubricating fluids with extremely low viscosity at high pressures.
-A qualified staff. Pompe Cucchi offers its customers a competent technical assistance based on a skilled team of experts that includes engineers with 40 years of experience in the sector and younger engineers who contribute with innovative ideas. This allows Pompe Cucchi to find the best application solution of the products in several industrial sectors.
-Quality and innovation. Design is assigned to a staff of engineers equipped with last-generation CAD stations, continuously updated on the program’s evolution. Production is assigned to a numerical control center with 18 pallets in line, robotized warehouse with 400 tools and management software for unmanned machining.
Testing performed on all assigned to a test stand where all parameters of the pump and motor can be displayed. The traning of commercial technicians working for our distributors or customers who wish to ask for this service is assigned to a 3D CONFIGURATOR visible in stereoscopy, with passive glasses that allows viewing the entire and exploded pump and the assembly and disassembly of the whole family of pumps we manufacture. This configurator also shows axplicative modules related to vacitation phenomana, complete cleaning of the pump and exaples of layouts of a metering system. The 3D configurator in the non-stereoscopic version can also been seen on the corporate website.

A worldwide commercial network. Marketing of production is assigned to a network of agents and a series of distributors located all over the world.

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