One of the most important European producer and distributor of nuts, bolts, bars threaded…

INOXDADI has established itself as a competent and reliable manufacturer of nuts and bolts thanks to its constant development and research on raw materials and productive techniques.
The dynamic manufacturing structure it created, plus an extensive product range of a wide variety of fasteners, has enabled the company to consinstently satisfy customers’ needs for both special and standard items.
A key feature of INOXDADI’s product offer is the variety of materials and special alloy products it can supply – satisfying all customers’ needs and requirements.
These materials include stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminium, duplex, monel 400, hastelloy, nimonic, titanium, ergal, nickel alloys, inconel and many others.
“We have a developed an in-depth knowledge and experience in special alloys that means we can ensure good quality, as well as high mechanical properties in a huge variety of environments including high / low temperature, high corrosion, cryogen, marine and subsea, allowing their use in many different industries, “explains Giulio
Gandioli, general manager of INOXDADI. Working with special materials can bring a wide range of challenges, especially in the manufacturing process.

“These are strong materials, with high density, so the tooling to produce the products are subject to high corrosion and wear”, points Giulio.
“Also, the same special alloys from different sources can sometimes react in different ways. As a company, you need to know how to deal with these challenges and offer the right solutions”.

To guarantee the quality and features of the products, INOXDADI has a fully equipped testing facility at its site in Barbata (BG), Italy, where it carries out quality checks using a range of tests to analyse chemistry and mechanical aspects.
These test results are available on demand for customers and kept for full traceability of products. The company also has an inspection sorting machine with cameras, which helps assure the highest PPM quality levels. Being able to offer its range in such special materials has given INOXDADI the opportunity to target a wide range of markets.
“Our extensive range means we can answer all our customers’ requirements and needs”, mentions Giulio. “Today we supply products for the oil and gas market, automotive tier market, building and construction, and we have some products that are used in the nuclear sector.
Other sectors include the food industry, marine and electronics”.
Whilst covering a wide range of markets, there is still further opportunities for INOXDADI in niche markets. “The renewable energy sector is very interesting, especially water recycling and wind energy”, adds Giulio.
“We want to become a key figure in this market, through our ability to provide quality products that customers can be confident in using”. Giulio continues: “Providing quality products and improving production processes is very important for us, which is why we are starting to focus on Industry 4.0”.