Manufacturing quality is our goal!

Company Profile
The GNALI BOCIA company, founded by Gnali brothers at the end of 70 years, is specialized in production of pressure regulators, valves and fittings for LPG, Technical Gas and Water. Thanks to the long experience and to the acquired know-how in the LPG field, the company actually represents an important reference point in its national and international market section.
The constant and appreciated increasing of its own products range allows the company to offer to its clients a complete product range, right to satisfy most of markets’ requirements.
A particular attention is likewise turn both to the quality of the products, realized according to international standard, and underlined to the company certification ISO 9001.
The high quality standards and the continuous effort to optimise the quality-price ratio show how the Company Gnali Bocia is engaged in new technologies and human investments to consolidate its own positions, satisfy customers and set the basis for the future. he Origin Till 2 generations ago, GNALI Family has been associated with the metal machining activities of Val Gobbia, and city of Lumezzane in particular. Their most distant forefathers were engaged in processing and engraving weapons, an activity that, after the war, was replaced by machining of steel for the production of household articles and cutlery and, since ’80 years, by production of artiche for gas and water.
The Tradition
The word “bocia”, which literally means “the little one” “the young apprentice”, was and remains the nickname that naturally identifies the family branch. Linked to the traditions of their origins, all the descendants, in the various activities they perform, have always kept it. The current generation that manages GNALI BOCIA SRL has included it in the company name as its icon of recognition.
Thanks to 35 years of experience in the production of technical articles for gas and water, during the last 10 years the Company has experienced a growth trend that is well above the local and national average, achieved thanks to economic and quality standards appreciated by our customers.
What and How
Every day, the company, the family that runs it and all skilled workers are dedicated to consolidating the values that they have always maintained -dedication, production quality improvement, safety and customer satisfaction, values on which the main guarantee that GNALI BOCIA products can boast are fundamentally based. Thanks to the ability to continue developing new technologies and products, with its own specific research and development department, and to on-going investments in production structures and human resources, during the last 25 years the business has expanded considerably. Dedication to the job in hand and passion for innovation are the values on which the Company focuses in order to achieve the corporate development project.
Currently production is hinged on the manufacture of Water and Gas control products, more specifically, pressure regulators- reducers and brass pipe fittings for Water, pressure regulators, tap fittings and small parts in brass or zamac for Gas.
The ISO 9001 certificate for company quality assurance, together with the procedures dictated by the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 for the general requirements for testing laboratories, used by our laboratory for the management and execution of technical testing research and product testing, are the further qualification of recognition. The quality of the materials used, the precision of assembly processes and 100% inspection of articles, guarantee first and foremost the end users, who, given the particular usage of the products, must be able to depend on the maximum technical reliability possible. All the strategic decisions and economic investment resources of the company are focused on the total safety, quality and accuracy of its products.

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