Scaglia Indeva

Mobile lift assistance: material handling wherever you need it with the new Liftronic® Mobile

When operating busy production lines or warehousing, lifting and handling tasks often take place at various points within your facility which means that you require an industrial manipulator which not only helps you with repetitive lifting and handling tasks, but is also flexible enough to move around the site to help complete various jobs throughout the day.
Scaglia INDEVA are proud to launch the new Liftronic® Mobile, the latest of our innovations which provide improved lifting and handling solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of industrial production.
Material lifting and handling in a flexible manufacturing or logistics environment The Liftronic® Mobile which, like all other Liftronic® Series  Intelligent lift assistors, is safe and ergonomic, but is also moveable to different workstations within the production and logistics area.
In addition to all the benefits that customers have come to expect from a Liftronic® manipulator, such as improved employee wellbeing, increased productivity and better workflow, the Liftronic® Mobile offers additional benefits such as the ability to move components, bags, bins, boxes or other containers weighing up to 60kg each from one location within your facility and place them easily in another, making it ideal for either manufacturing, logistics or warehousing operations.
Designed to be easily mounted on an electric pallet truck, the Liftronic® Mobile can switch between tasks and types of load with a simple and quick change of gripper, which include pantograph, magnet and vacuum grippers. It also has a counter balancing design and failsafe systems to ensure stability during lifting and moving.
One person lifting to meet social distancing guidelines COVID 19 has required the reorganisation of work processes and spaces. Government health directives require the distance between operators to be maintained, so an intelligent INDEVA® industrial manipulator is the right solution to address situations where two or more operators would otherwise need to work in close proximity to each other to carry out load handling or assembly operations.
Just one operator together with an INDEVA lift assist device such as the Liftronic® Mobile can safely move, tilt, rotate, lift and precisely position a heavy load effortlessly, with precise and smooth movements, meaning the job is completed effectively and social distancing guidelines are adhered to.