Italian solutions for global challenges

One of the main characteristics of SAER is that of offering its customers a constantly evolving catalogue: with a 90% exports-oriented turnover, the Emilian company provides solutions meeting the needs of different markets and applications. The wide range (over 800 different types of pumps, and surface and submersible motor production) and the extensive choice of available materials allow for thousands of configurations; therefore SAER products easily find applications in several fields: civil, industrial, O&G, mining, agriculture, naval, HVAC etc.
Thanks to the in-house R&D department, in the last 5 years, to mention some examples, SAER has:
•expanded upon the range of choices by adding the complete range of highly efficient pumps in line L series;
•developed a range of submersible pumps for wastewater -SD series;
•developed a range of open impeller end-suction pumps -NCA series;
•extended the offer of surface motors till 110 kW;
•integrated the catalogue of close coupled pumps IR series with new models;
•developed versions of multistage pumps in monobloc configuration new sizes for the standard version;
•included a range of dedicated inverters;
•developed a new submerged 6 ”60 HP motor;
•and increased the choice of metallurgies available with the addition of highly corrosion resistant materials like duplex and super duplex.
Climate change, population growth, and water scarcity are creating new challenges, and desalination is becoming an important alternative to traditional freshwater resources. SAER is ready to face these new scenarios with a strong and fast answer: a full range of high efficiency close coupled and end suction pumps (till 2000 m3/h), high pressure (till 60 bars), split casing (up to 5000 m3/h) and submersible pumps and motors (till 400 HP) in DUPLEX and SUPER DUPLEX, available with one of the best delivery times on the market, thanks to the Italian production. By maintaining production in Italy, SAER has since 1951 been able to guarantee high quality solutions and extremely competitive delivery times.