Marketing and commercialization of honing tools and machines for deep honing processing

Damec S.r.l. is based on the twenty-year experience of its owner Danilo Maggioni, who works in the field of precision engineering and mechanics since 1981. Our company deals with the marketing and commercialization of honing tools and machines for deep honing processing.
Our mission is to grow on the national and international market, developing constantly the necessary know-how to be an always competitive company, searching and implementing innovative solutions and processes to furnish to our customers high quality and precise services and take care of the relationships with the customers with constancy and seriousness, considering them as a vehicle for our social and professional growth.
The market request for bore lapping and honing processes is growing exponentially in the last few years.
One of the biggest reasons why the use of this working process is so increasing is that this type of precision mechanics process can replace the bore grinding process, guaranteeing a more precise work on the piece and a final surface roughness lower than 0.20 RA.
For this reason, honing and lapping are increasingly more used in many various productive sectors: automotive, hydraulic, pharmaceutical, air, naval, military and food sectors.

DAMEC S.r.l. was born as a supplier of honing and lapping machines, as well as consumable material and tools for the machines. Over the years the company has developed the possibility to carry out honing and lapping process for external companies, a complete honing working service, which is executed directly in our operative headquarter.
The company deals with the lapping of the bore in an effective and precise way with a diameter going from 1mm to 100mm with the final roughness requested by the customer at an interesting price.
When the customer demands a honing or lapping working process to be done, we can organize it without any problem for him. The customer interested in this service has to send us normally some technical drawings of the working piece that needs to be processed, so we can check which of our machines can work these pieces in the best way possible. When we have found out which of our machines is most capable of doing the most precise and effective working process, we send directly an offer to the customer to show him the price of the treatment and the technical features of the chosen machine and then the customer can decide without obligation if he wants to have their pieces processed by us.
The feedback from the customers for this type of service has been resulting really satisfying to us and our future aim is to continue to refine and improve our skills and our abilities as well as to produce always better working tools and machines to guarantee an always greater fulfilment of the customer’s needs and a more radiant and successful future for the honing and lapping working department.
So, what are you waiting for? Come over and try our honing working service!