Calzaturificio 5BI

Technology, Innovation, Made In Italy

TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION, MADE IN ITALY and a lot of PASSION, the 4 factors on which the internationalization process of the Calzaturificio 5BI S.r.l. is based.
62 countries are served in 2019 by the Calzaturificio 5BI Srl (among the main African markets : Angola, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia etc.), a result achieved thanks to an absolute company export vocation.

Safety is not only a commercial value but a true PASSION of the Battaglia family which for 3 generations has been exporting its MADE IN ITALY footwear all over the world. If we add INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY to this passion, the company’s mission is achieved: Absolutely SAFE, which has been guiding the daily work of all BICAP staff for over 40 years.
Calzatuficio 5bi design, manufacture and distribute its products worldwide, through customer satisfaction oriented quality management system besides a strict Environment policy respect (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001).

important functions: comfort and safety. The Shoe Compa- ny 5BI is daily active to achieve its mission: produce tools for better work conditions.