Air cooled liquid chillers and heat pumps with axial fans until 350kW, made in Italy

Air cooled liquid chillers and heat pumps with axial fans until 350 kW high efficiency for outdoor installation, 24 size, 12 chiller and 12 heat pump offer a wide range to meet all system requirements in commercial, residential and industrial buildings.
These units have been designed for cooling and / or heating water. All models of the HWA1-A and HWA1-A / H series are designed and built for outdoor installations. Complete and simple maintenance management is the key to this product with great versatility in choosing the model most suitable for the specific use.
The structure of the carpentry is designed to withstand the outside with profiles of hot-galvanized steel sheets or painted with polyester powder resistant to atmospheric agents. In our unit we have decided to use the uniform refrigerant circuit with irregular tandem compressors or irregular refrigerant circuit with an even greater compressor as standard to obtain more control phases and produce the necessary energy. The hermetic scroll type compressor is complete with internal thermal protection.
It is isolated from the structure by interposing special rubber supports. The mobile spiral is moved by a 2-pole electric motor cooled by the aspirated refrigerant, starting is direct.

All compressors are complete with polyester oil filler, suitable for operation with R410a refrigerant. An electric heater positioned on the crankcase is inserted automatically with the machine off and prevents mixing of the oil in the refrigerant. The cooling capacity control is carried out through partialisation steps in a number equal to the number of compressors installed in the unit. In tandem connections there is an oil equalization line with an indicator for level control.

A differential pressure switch, installed on the water side, ensures the presence of water flow avoiding the formation of ice inside. Maximum operating pressure of the exchanger 15 bar on the water side and 45 bar on the refrigerant side. Each refrigerant circuit is pressure tested to check for leaks and supplied complete with the refrigerant gas charge. The electric motor with external rotator activated by magnetic switching allows to increase efficiency up to 70%, increase the working life of the machine or reduce its electrical consumption.

When we started the development of this project, multiscroll air-cooled chillers and heat pumps, we were experiencing a particular moment from a regulatory point of view: on the one hand, the first step of the
F-GAS Directive which limited the maximum amount of equivalent CO2 put on the market through the refrigerant quota system, on the other the new regula tion 2281 of the Directive 2009/125 / CE (Energy Related Products). In light of the situation described, the development drivers were both the reduction of the quantity of refrigerant and the increase in unit efficiency, especially at partial loads.
The most complex challenge was not only to reduce the volumes of the ex changers without compromising performance, but also to prepare the unit for new low GWP refrigerants working closely with suppliers. To increase seasonal efficiency (SCOP and SEER), new thermal logics have been introduced regulation, we have used electronic valves as standard and have introduced optimized compressors capable of following new market needs (Lot 21 Regulation 2016/2281)

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