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Cars, appliances, switches, sunglasses, furniture, watches, staplers: each object is composed of small items to be assembled.
For almost forty years, the Cosberg Group has been designing and manufacturing tailor-made solutions for the automation of the assembly processes.
The Group, which includes the Italian companies Cosberg, Cosvic, Automac and MoxMec, has eight realities including branches and subsidiaries located in different parts of the world.
Over the years the Group has become a reference both in Italy and abroad, particularly for the industrial sectors such as: Automotive, Electro-Mechanical, Pneumatic and Furniture fittings. Actually it also operates in other industrial segments such as electrical, electronic, medical,
cosmetic and fashion accessories.

Recognized for its ability to offer solutions that guarantee high levels of productivity and competitiveness, it creates tailor-made systems based on customer needs such as in-line machines with free pallets, rotary tables, robotic systems, feeding groups, slides and screw driving units.
From single components of which an object or an assembly is composed, the Group companies study and realize a specific solution, machine or system, able to automatically assemble the pieces and obtain the finished product at the end of the process and, if necessary, tested. The process may include different technologies such as: automated feeding equipment, handling, drilling, tapping, screwdriving, riveting, welding, mechanical working processes, laser marking, etc. In addition, the phases of testing and verification of the pieces can be implemented.

Moreover, thanks to the Group’s ability to integrate the state-of-the-art technologies, all the steps and phases are recorded to ensure to our customers the traceability of the assembled products and their total quality with the application of advanced vision and control systems,
as well as monitoring software that enables the real-time supervision of the machines, even remotely.
The experience gained in different sectors and continuous research (more than 10% of the business turnover is reinvested in R&D, resulted in the filing of almost 50 patents worldwide over the years) allow the Cosberg Group to develop and offer high-performing and “turnkey solutions” complemented by a series of plus and services.
Among these we mention the “Ready To Run”: a set of features that the Group guarantees for each delivered machine. It includes: objective acceptance test carried out with digital systems, installation of the machines in just two days, ramp-up in no more than 4 hours, production changes in max 30 minutes, easy and fast maintainability, total reliability and circular economy because our machines are designed focusing on the possibility to be able to readjust and configure them for future needs.

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