Quality,Efficiency Competitiveness,SustainabilityNowadays to compete on a global scale, manufacturers need to streamline production, reduce operating costs and offer good flexibility. For this reason we take the opportunity to introduce Kamet, which operates on both the international and domestic market and is strongly committed to support and supply either manufacturing companies and warehouses with the aim to provide a prompt and accurate service of customer’s needs and “shaping” solutions. A wide range of solid and hollow sections can be produced, offering design engineering worldwide and highly cost-effective solution to their metal forming necessities. Kamet offers suitable solutions for small and large volumes.
Special Profiles – Technical Features

-Minimum wall thickness: 3 mm/.120”
-Maximum circumscribing circle: 350mm/ 13.50”
-Inside diameter of hollow profile: min. 15 mm/.591” / max. 150 mm/6”
-Weight: from 1.5 kg/m to 120 kg/m – from 1.0 lbs/ft to 80 lbs/ft
-Dimensional tolerance: min. ±0.3/.012”

-Minimum wall thickness: 2 mm/.080”
-Maximum circumscribing circle: 200 mm/8”
-Weight: from 0.05 kg/m to 120 kg/m – from .034 lbs/ft to 80 lbs/ft
-Small profiles also available from coil
-Dimensional tolerance: min. ±0.03/.001”

S235, S275, S355, A36, C10, C20, C45, 1018, 1045, 18 NiCrMo5, 42
CrMo4, 4140, 4340, 8620 etc.
300 & 400 series, 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, Nitronic 50, 60,\ Duplex grades,

CP Gr. 2, 6Al-4V, 6Al-6V-2Sn, etc.
Monel 400, Alloy 600, A-286, Invar 36, etc.

Metallurgical structure homogeneity and the non-alteration of the chemical and mechanical properties at the end of the production process of the steel variety grades have developed their application in many kind of industries such as: building & construction, food processing power generation, chemical, aerospace, pulp & paper, transportation, marine, energy, ship building, automotive, offshore etc.
Standard Profiles
Kamet specialization is, par excellence, to provide custom made steel profiles and shapes on client requirement. To widen the range of offer, a full line of standard profiles is also available for our customers. Some among the standard shapes are tees, angles, channels, beams and many others. Several items are available on stock too, while grades different from those listed below are ready made on request.

Grades:W.N.1.4301/1.4307- AISI 304/304L- W.N.1.4401/1.4404- AISI 316/316L-
W.N.1.4162 – 2101- W.N.1.4462 – 2205