Novotic specialized in process automation and robotics

Safety measures for the current health emergency are negatively affecting the industrial sector. For many companies, the suspension of the industrial processes represents a complex and onerous operation.
New working assets, different from those we were used to in the last years, are needed. In order to guarantee business continuity, while facing the emergency, smart working (for service companies) and robotics (for manufacturing companies) are rapidly spreading.
These changes introduce a new production paradigm which is unknown to many. Remote control, robotics, automation and real-time data reporting are issues on which Novotic has been researching and working for over 20 years.
The new production line, launched for Bonfiglioli S.p.a. in the Rovereto plant in spring 2019, is only one of our creations that meets the current and future needs brought by the emergency. It is a plant that revolutionizes previous production and operating methods. The result is a 300% reduction in cycle time, production flexibility, one-piece-flow management, real-time cloud and a new idea of well-being for operators.

We analyse, design and then build. As a system integrator, we calibrate our systems on the specific logistic structure of each company. We assemble an interconnected production line, ready to respond to every goal, method, and executive need with promptness and agility.
We look at projects from an unprecedented perspective and cross the finishing line by redefining the patterns. We give an innovative focus to every idea, so as to build smart systems, which push companies to overcome challenges they still don’t know. A production line prepares
companies to stay on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s industry.
We take care of the solutions we present in detail and keep the whole picture of the project at every stage of its construction. We combine analysis, creativity and operations to guide companies towards autonomous control of the new line and their role in the digital industry.
We were born from the idea of bringing the advantages of technology to the industrial sector. And we have become Novotic. Today, our work is the result of design skills, analysis skills and long-term vision in constant updating: a connection of intentions that allows us to apply technology and innovation overcoming the patterns we already know. We look to the future from Rovereto, in Trentino, where a handshake still has the strength of a promise.