COSTARELLI, 60 years of history in manufacturing and installed machinery for plastic recycling, worldwide

Plastic recovery and recycling should be an important goal, especially nowadays.
Despite all good intentions, however, over half of plastic waste still ends up in incinerator plants, landfills, or worse scattered in the environment.
Relying on a solid and established Company is extremely important.
For 60 years Costarelli has been one of the main actor in this stage and an undisputed leader in the construction of some of the most robust and efficient machinery on the market.
A sixty-year long family history, handed down from father to son
In 1961, Edoardo Costarelli started his business in the world of plastic recycling machinery.
His precious legacy, handed down over time, has been collected and strengthened through the years by his son Osvaldo, who gave it a more modern and dynamic style, turning the company into an international presence, active in over 30 countries.

A reality in constant development
Besides excelling in innovation and efficiency, Costarelli’s salient features include the scrupulous attention paid to operator safety, environmental protection and energy saving.
Our machinery cover all recycling phases: cutting, washing, decantation, drying, densification and extrusion, ensuring the recycling of all types of plastic like: PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PS etc. both from industrial and post-consumer waste.

Our flagship product: THE DENSIFIER
Decades of experience in the recycling sector has allowed Costarelli to significantly improve and increase the performances of this extraordinary machine. The densifier is the ideal solution for companies that supply washed and dried flexible material to companies that produce a finished plastic product, ready to be sell on the market. The latest NG densifier version, fully automated, guarantees maximum productivity with the lowest energy consumption. A choice that looks to innovation and environmental protection.

Products range
Costarelli offers complete recycling plants, designed and optimized for various applications, whose capacity can vary according to specific production needs.
The company also manufactures individual machines for the implementation or modernization of existing plants. The solidity and safety of the machinery, the use of advanced automation systems and high quality materials, have turn Costarelli into a leader in the field of plastic recycling.

COSTARELLI Plastic Recycling Systems