SEAV is definitely a reference reality for the home automation sector and for “made in Italy”.
Let’s find out what makes it special in this interview with the marketing manager, Antonio Restaneo.
Mister Restaneo, what is it that makes SEAV an excellence in its target market?
High technology and reliability are the main characteristics of the company. For SEAV quality is a unique value, based on continuous research and on a carefull development of innovative technologies. SEAV realizes technologically advanced solutions backed by extensive testing on all of the production. Add to this employees high professionalism, 5 year warranty on products, commitment and responsibility of SEAV Board of Direction.

And which are the competitive levers that ensure the success that has been going on for several decades now?
The careful choice of suppliers and raw materials is the fundamental step to ensure the quality of our products.
The second is the production process that takes place entirely in our factory, allowing us to have total control over the products and to be able to treat in detail every particulars. The third is represented by the tests. In specially dedicated rooms, our specialized collaborators carry out rigorous tests on each product. All our production efforts are aimed to gain the trust of our customers, becoming a reliable and irreplaceable partner.
But in SEAV there is also something else, right?
Yes, true, in SEAV there is also more, there is SEAVMORE MORE stands for Manufacturing, Optimization, Research, Engineering and identifies and distinguishes the increasingly more important 360° dimension that SEAV is giving to its business and market approach. We have always been involved in developing Electronic Solutions for Movement Control, but those who know us well know also that we are much, much more. SEAV is, in fact, also an R&D division that develops customized projects for an endless series of applications and customers: from remote controls for kitchen ventilation hoods or for home theater big screens to applications in the medical field, to solutions developed for the yachting market and those produced for the automotive industry. To allow all companies that wish to take advantage of this wealth of experience and professionalism comes SEAVMORE: a complex system formed by highly experienced staff and state of the art know-how and technology, that offers solid answers in the fields of Research, Optimization, Engineering and the Manufacture of electronic products. SEAVMORE is really the ideal partner for success.