Progetto Nächste

The company called Progetto Nächste presents MES Indy 4.0, the easy and efficient software platform that connects capital goods: managing, optimizing and controlling production processes in real-time has never been easier.
Progetto Nächste’s mission is to ensure that companies benefit from cutting-edge technological solutions in total security – the new exclusive MES
software ‘made in Nächste’ was developed for this purpose.
Thanks to its intuitive web interface, Indy 4.0 is very easy to use. It can be integrated with the company’s information system (e.g. management system, planning systems, design and product development systems) and can optimise the entire production process. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with different capital goods and CNC by applying parametric technology and Event-Driven Programming.
Its web interface is so simple that the user can use the machine even if wearing bulky equipment or working in harsh environments.
With Indy 4.0 the user can finally get rid of production orders and paper worksheets, manage production feeds directly from the production department, monitor the updated status in real-time, acquire and collect data directly from machines and plants, reduce mistakes due to missing or incomplete information, and get up-to-date production statistics.
How does Indy 4.0 work? In addition to fast user role management (administrator, toolmaker and operator), set-up time and downtime, Indy 4.0 collects all the events transmitted by the system and the tables administration. Here are some of the functions that the software can perform:
•it connects machines and production plants using FDC (Field Data Collector) technology 4.0;
•it integrates existing company information systems (management, planning and programming software);
•it automatically distributes production data in digital form to operators on the machine;
•it manages and controls production by monitoring the information of the entire production process in real-time.
Produce more, waste less!
Yes, with Indy 4.0 it is possible because the software was created to improve the integration between machines, people and processes, and to provide
all the relevant information in real-time: the improvements can be seen throughout the entire supply chain, making it more efficient and definitely more performing.
Who is Indy 4.0 suitable for?
Indy 4.0 is suitable for those who want to implement production processes through workflow optimization and, thanks to its ease-of-use, it is ideal for all entrepreneurs who are worried that digitization might be a problem. It is also the most suitable software for those who would like or have already purchased a machine designed for Industry 4.0 and do not know how to make the most of it.
Thanks to its modular architecture, Indy 4.0 can be customised to the needs of individual companies and can, therefore, be a valuable ally for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to industries. |