Scaglia Indeva

Italian innovators, Scaglia Indeva, driving improvements in ergonomics across all industrial sectors

When all businesses are looking to increase productivity whilst reducing costs, Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSDs) can significantly impact this. Losing key members of staff for several days can affect productivity and therefore profitability.

However grim reading the HSE study is, WRMSDs are preventable when ergonomic interventions are introduced. Scaglia Indeva has been leading from the front when it comes to the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for manual handling and lifting in all sectors, which has considerably improved both ergonomics and safety in the workplace.
One of the cornerstones of the company’s mission is to support the manufacturing industry by supplying state-of-the-art material handling equipment which makes the workplace safer, reduces employee absenteeism, and improves productivity.
The Liftronic® series of industrial manipulators are intelligent devices for handling, which enables operators to lift and transport loads with complete ease. Equipped with an advanced electronic control system, the manipulators provide ergonomic load handling, reducing the stress and strain associated with manual handling.

These user-friendly systems enable effortless lifting, lowering and transportation of heavy loads through finger-tip control, without the need to keep buttons or levers pressed. This provides smooth movement, speed of handling and precise load placement with only the lightest touch.
Working on a bespoke basis for every application, Indeva works closely with its customers to identify any issues that may affect the health and safety of their employees, so they are then able to provide a complete material handling solution that not only meets their individual operational needs, but prevent
WRMSDs as well.

The Liftronic® series of INDEVA® manipulators are equipped with innovative safety features which prevent movement unless an operator is in control, and a mechanism that guarantees against the load falling either by accident or power failure.
INDEVA product range includes Automatic Guided Vehicles, both standard and bespoke, and modular structures for logistic and production lines that help implement the Lean Manufacturing principles.
Nowadays Scaglia Indeva® can boast wide expertise and know-how in supplying state of the art internal material handling solutions with a large portfolio of satisfied customers among the most important corporations in the Automotive and non-Automotive industries.