Never stop innovation in ORT Italia CNC thread rolling machines

ORT Italia, specialized in the production of high precise CNC machines, has developed the level of automation of its machines even further, making them much more accurate and faster, with vital competitive advantages such as the reduction of time-to market and the development of unique technological solutions, providing the company with a position of total leadership in its field. The machines are controlled by a PLC or CNC. The level quality of precision offered by CNC control is unique, thanks to its level of repeatability, constant process management and the possibility of intervention at any point of production. Fields such as automotive and aerospace, in which it is very important to implement controls on the entire process and define the various parameters of production in one single operation in order to reduce cycle times, therefore require the use of CNC machines. ORT Italia fits its thread rolling machines with CNC technology, equipped with specific functions for rolling and the possibility of managing up to 10 axis (for example 3RP150 EVO). Thanks to the adoption of modern controls we have reached an important competitive advantage for our machines as these CN’s allow us to satisfy requirements that in the past and with previous controls, it was not possible to respect. With these new levels of automation applied we are free from programming restrictions. Due to the need to synchronise more than 2 axis in the manual mode, in previous controls this operation required several passages, while with the new CN’s the machine can be immediately set therefore reducing programming times. Furthermore management of the hydraulic unit for movement of the hydraulic slides is much easier as it is carried out using the module handled and controlled directly by the axis unit. This allows for control of the HYDAC valves in charge of powering the slides movement, with visualisation on single parameters page, involved with a remarkable reduction in time and resources. When control is carried out over 3 slides, as in the case of the 3RP Series, it becomes even more important to work with reliable and powerful controls (CNC or PLC) . In this case development of the machine requires a high level of engineering experience and ORT Italia is definitely the only company in the world capable of proposing a 3-slide numerically controlled machine with these characteristics of accuracy and speed. A sophisticated example of this application is the new profile rolling centre 2MS5 CNC: made for processing of several components such as worm and ball screws, ACME threads, splines and serrations and many other profiles. This is a fully automatic line that can work on a wide range of diameters and lengths, by infeed and thru feed rolling, with easy and quick machine’s set-up. The loading system consists of a step-by-step conveyor belt while the machine is powered by a 6-axis robot (with a payload of 35 kg and a reach of 1.813 mm) that shares the same area of programming with the CN and therefore simplifies and accelerates integration. The same unit unload the finished parts using another conveyer. This integrated automation line (tailstock, conveyors, robot, thread rolling machine) allows to work STAND- ALONE for saving labour time, reaching the target of cost per piece reduction. In order to optimize the rolling process, it has been also installed a specific cooling system with an industrial chiller that grant a stable value of temperature of the coolant.