A comprehensive range of motors for hazardous areas

Established in Italy in 1954, Cemp was among the first companies in Europe to manufacture flameproof motors.
Over the years, production was oriented to higher customized products such as flameproof motors with brake, flameproof electric pumps for printing machines, flameproof motors for Group IIC gases, motors for mining and the very last development, which is a complete series of IE3 (and IE4 on demand) efficiency level motors, ATEX and IECEx certified.
Cemp motors operate in hostile environments throughout the world on offshore oil & gas rigs, production platforms, onshore terminals, refineries, chemical works, coal mines, as well as in pharmaceutical and food & beverage plants.
You can find Cemp motors in an oil refinery in Qatar at +60°C ambient temperature or on an offshore platform in the North Sea at -60°C.

This is possible because of the excellent relationship with the main OEMs and EPCs which demonstrates that they rely on Cemp service, expertise and quality.
Another strength is the delivery time, way shorter than many other motor manufacturers who have a lead time of 5 to 7 weeks for a standard motor. Cemp can do the job in 2 weeks for a customized motor thanks to the availability of the right components in stock in Italy, a skilled and experienced staff and an excellent synergy with the global Regal engineering teams.

Cemp has created one of the most comprehensive ranges of electric motors for hazardous areas available today, including flameproof- explosionproof motors, “non sparking” motors and motors for conductive dust environments. Furthermore, Cemp supplies customers with consulting services for designing and manufacturing motors with special features.