Experience and reliability in the field of pneumatic components Italian production

View of the 2 automatic warehouse storage rooms located
in the assembly department
View of a robot anthropomorphous located in the workshop
Headquarter of Bonesi Pneumatik

The origin of the Company Bonesi Pneumatik is far in the years being it established in 1953, at the drawing of the Pneumatics in Italy.
The Company is among the major suppliers in the market of pneumatic components for industrial automation and since always proposes a complete range of components from directional valves to cylinders, all of its exclusive engineering and all produced in its Headquarter in Legnano (MI), considering the Made in Italy one of its strengths.
Said Headquarter includes in an indoor area of 4.000 mq. in a total of about 10.000 mq, the R&D, the Production, the Warehouse and all the Commercial and Administrative operations.
A special result can be given to the Production Unit in which operate 25 CNC, an advanced plant for epoxy paintings and various toolings for the cutting of the profiles and/or the finishing of the machined pieces.
Bonesi Pneumatik products are used with high satisfaction of the Customers in all the industrial fields where the automation is required like cement works, glass industry, packaging industry, food industry, Oil & Gas industry, wood working machinery, machineries for production of aluminium shapes and wherever special solutions specifically adapted to Customer are needed.
Since 2017 the Company has been certified ISO 9001: 2015 by the Authority of Certification Bureau Veritas, getting the relevant certificate.
Most of the products, on request, can be supplied in conformity to ATEX Directive 94/9/CE, class II 2GDc T6.
In details, the catalogue of the Company includes :
•microcylinders ISO 6432 in the bores from 8 to 25 mm
•cylinders ISO 15552 in the bores from 32 to 125 up to the big bores of 160. 200, 250, and 320 mm, that can be supplied also in KIT
•compact cylinders UNITOP and ISO 21287 in the bores from 12 to 100 mm
•cylinders CNOMO in the bores from 32 to 200 mm, that can be supplied also in KIT
•rotary actuators in the bores from 32 to 125 mm
•Pneumo-Hydraulics Control Units in the bores from 50 to 200 mm
•manual operated valves from 1/8”G to 3/8”G and mechanical operated from 1/8”G to 1/2”G
•directional valves, poppet or spool functioning, pneumatic or solenoid operated; according the version they are available 1/8”G, 1/4”G, 3/8”G, 1/2”G, 3/4”G and 1”G, in the functions 2/2 NA, 2/2 NC, 3/2 NA, 3/2 NC and 5/2
•ISO valves size 1 and 2, and valves with NAMUR interface
•F.R.L. units from 1/8”G to 1”G
•circuit accessories