We don’t fight quality, only the way to reach it

BRESTAHL Engineering was founded in 2014 in Northern Portugal as a company specialized in high tech metalworking. We offer complete solutions by developing products and services requiring high tech welding (special materials/special processes), anticorrosive systems / painting), engineering services (product, processes, industrialization), support in conception and development.
Mission and values
We are a supplier recognized for service, quality, innovation and competitiveness, able to respond and exceed our client’s expectations in an incrementally sustainable way. BRESTAHL leads business with untouchable integrity. We have passion for excellence but also work with pragmatism and simplicity.
We fuel our day with creativity because we are open to new ideas while committed to implementing best practices in order to offer the best solutions to our clients: focus on quality without losing sight of cost-effective delivery. Motivation is part of our team’s day at BRESTAHL and we assure great know-how, flexibility and full availability. BRESTAHL sees change as opportunity rather than threat.
Value of working with BRESTAHL
We focus on the final result and propose proactive communication and a collaborative mindset when working with business partners.
Services, Products and Industry
BRESTAHL Engineering creates and develops projects customized to the customer’s needs and requirements.
Conception, planning and simulation of products and processes counts on advanced software CAD (2D/3D/ FEA). BRESTAHL is competitive in a globalized market, in market sectors where levels of criteria are highly demanding, such as the oil & gas industry, transport, energy, aircraft, textile and automotive industry, among others.

The specialized know-how, coupled with best practice and applicable standards, lends reliability and quality to products developed by BRESTAHL. Certified by TüV in ISO 9001: 2015 EN 1090 EXC2 , BRESTAHL is aware of the importance to ensure quality to products dependent on special manufacturing procedures. Therefore, it guarantees control processes at every stage of inspection, tests and trials, making sure project requirements are met. We don’t fight quality, only the way to reach it.
BRESTAHL is based upon an industrial unit counting with more than 2600 m2 of productive area. BRESTAHL’ equipment are last generation high tech, counting on worldwide recognized partners.