Safety and innovation: key points for C&E since 1988

C&E Group, owner of LUXSOLAR brand, is active in the field of chemical and petrochemical refineries, offshore platforms, industrial plants, civil buildings, airports, heliports.

After years of experience in the Aircraft Warning Lights field, LUXSOLAR launches on the market a brand-new series of Explosion Proof Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights, whose innovative features have been certified ATEX and IECEx for the use in hazardous areas.
Our internal R&D department has recently achieved a way to apply protection against optical radiation – as per EN60079-28 – to LUXSOLAR products; they have found a brilliant solution to respect both the optical radiation limit (according to ATEX/IECEx rules) and the light angles/intensity (according to ICAO Annex 14 and EASA rules) requirements.
Today LUXSOLAR is the first and sole company in the World to offer LED Medium Intensity Obstacle Light Type A (a day time white flash of 20.000 candelas) “op is” certified.

Apart from Explosion Proof beacons, the LUXSOLAR family of LED Aircraft Warning Lights includes a complete series, from low intensity (10 candelas) to high intensity (200.000 candelas) obstacle lights for safe area, suitable to warn aircrafts of the presence of skyscrapers, bridges, cranes, tanks, cooling towers, chimneys, wind turbines, telecom towers.

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