Waukesha INNIO Group and SSE S.p.A. – Sirio Solutions Engineering Partnership Agreement

We are proud to announce that SSE officially becomes part of Waukesha family as /! With this agreement, SSE officially enters the , and market, with a primary role and through its global localization and well routed network it aims to become one of the most strategic partner of Waukesha in the next coming years.

Waukesha quick pres: “The ability to run under high stress conditions while still having the flexibility to use multiple fuels, makes Waukesha gas engines a proper solution for dependable energy. Our engines are designed to perform reliably in isolated, mission-critical, and demanding applications. Durable and flexible, Waukesha engines meet emissions compliance levels in diverse applications around the globe. And, by offering both rich- and lean-burn Waukesha reciprocating engine designs, we can help you make smart choices.” (Waukesha)

Waukesha 275GL+, a lean-burn, high-horsepower engine targeted toward gas compression and oilfield power applications