Temporary Power Generation Plant In A Desert Environment

The construction of industrial plants requires electrical generation from the beginning of the site installation; this can put, both the end user and contractors, in the conditions to be able to start production activities. Costruzioni Elettrotecniche Cear is able to provide all the necessary assistance both in the feasibility study than execution phase for construction of a temporary or permanent containerized Power Station, powered by generators or by the local electricity provider. Among the many reference projects done, Costruzioni Elettrotecniche Cear has supplied containerized substations associated to generators, necessary to feed the yard area and local operators’ camp built in Libya for the construction of an industrial plant. Specifically, Cear’s supply was in association with a generator manufacturer to provide a temporary Power Station that had to draw energy from the national grid and partly from electric generators. The implementation of the project took into account an installation in a desertic environment nearby the coast with a temperature range from -18 to +50°C with a relative humidity range from 31 to 96%. As this was a necessary installation for site operations, the supply had to be characterized by continuity of service, easy maintenance and high levels of safety assurance for operators. In order to maintain these requirements, Cear studied and provided an integrated “system” both for the distribution and electrical transformation part, as well as plant’s electrical control. The supply consisted of 3 MV/LV/MV containerized transformer substations with a range of 1000 to 4000kVA, that were connected to both the national electricity grid and generators, which powered a 11kV “daisy chain” circuit. In addition to the above “main substations”, the plant supply was completed by No. 6 MV/LV Substations 630kVA, No. 6 MV/LV Substations 1000kVA, a MV/LV substation with two 1000kVA transformers and finally No. 34 Low Voltage auxiliary switchgears for the electrical distribution of the workers’ camp. The coordination and control of the energy supply studied by Cear included the realization of a PLC system equipped with a “user friendly” HMI that it would allow operators to move, with an automatic system, the power supply from the grid to the generators and vice versa, to check diagnostics, to monitor system conditions, to detect any system anomalies and to check electrical parameters on both the Medium Voltage line and Low Voltage line, including both the transformer substations than the generators. A complete solution for electrification, complying with extreme environmental and operational conditions that requires flexible deliveries and responses, that Costruzioni Elettrotecniche Cear is able to provide.