ERPT Eudosia Remote Power Turbine

Eudosia Sistemi Power Solution is an italian leading company in the Oil&Gas and Power Generation fields with more than 45 years of presence on the market. Eudosia Sistemi Power Solution is presenting his product named EERPT Eudosia Remote Power Turbine that is a power generating system for remote application that is the real alternative solution to solar and wind system. The ERPT is based on Organic Rankine Cycle ORC that was invented by William Rankine one of the fathers of tehrmodynamic. The ORC is a simple high efficiency thermodynamic cycle that has ideal characteristics for conversion of thermal energy sources at 90-200°C. This energy can be used to rotate a turboalternator and convert it to electric power. ERPT is an outdoor power generating equipment, designed to operate at remote and extreme environment from the arctic to the hottest deserts. ERPT is based on proven technology, providing many years of high reliability and low maintenance operation. ERPT has no aging of critical parts, no scheduled maintenance activities and remote monitoring. ERPT can provide up to 10kW of electrical power to feed your equipment

ERPT are offered in 3 different applications set up:

-OFFSHORE: Units completely made of Stainless Steel AISI 316L with all components Eexd offered as a Atex Class1 Zone II certified package to be installed on platform or barges.

-DESERT: Units developed in order to work up to +55°C with high presence of dust and sand.

-ARCTIC: Designed to operate up to -45°C with special insulation and using structural materials that can maintain the structural characteristics at design temperature.

The System is based on a continuous close cycle that acts as follow. The fire warms up the liquid in the boiler up to transform it in vapour, this vapour goes to the alternator and let the turbine moves creating the power that goes to feed the equipments connected. The vapour then moves to the condenser where is cooled down and return to liquid status going back to the boiler. The fire is created by a burner that uses gas, this can be taken directly from the pipeline or can be store in a tank close to the ERPT.