DIESSE RUBBER HOSES, excellence only made in Italy


DIESSE Rubber Hoses S.p.A. is an Italian family-owned company, a globally recognized manufacturer of rubber hydraulic hoses for high and very high pressures. The production plant is located in Filago (Bergamo, northern Italy). Always committed to market innovation and development, DIESSE has expanded through constant investments in research, technology, and human resources, reaching an important role in the world of Hydraulics. It has a wide range of hoses suitable for the earthmoving, agricultural, heavy industry, and also for deforesting and other market sectors such as the construction, naval, off-shore and mining sectors. Competitive, dynamic and international: these are the words that best describe the context in which DIESSE has been operating for almost 40 years, during which it has stood out as the only all-Italian manufacturer of hydraulic hoses. “The secrets of our success are many: from engaging with customers to pursuing discipline aimed at high performance, along with an in-depth knowledge of the market” says Giosiana de Stasio. “A deeply rooted culture aiming to excellence and reliability, that are the core values defined by our family ever since the company was established. These represent for us,, the second generation, the pillars of our corporate identity”. And she concludes: “Lastly, our ability to combine expertise and unique skills with a systematic research and development of performing products has, over time, allowed us to stand out in the global scenario.”

DIESSE Rubber Hoses, the strength of continuity

Architects of this all-Italian success were Raffaele, Giuseppe, and Anna Maria de Stasio, who established the company in 1979 and thanks to their intuition, determination and foresight, climbed to the top of the international market sector. “Optimistic about the success that would be achieved, the three entrepreneurs chose an English brand name in line with their vision geared towards worldwide expansion. The brand associates the Italian family name initials, DS, with Rubber Hoses, as a perfect example of the Company’s vocation as a global player and of the basis still now underlying its strategy” says Heleanna de Stasio. An excellence resulting from the experience and entrepreneurial skills of the three founders. They are working in the Company together with the second generation: that’s a guarantee for continuity in the management and constant attention to innovation. At the beginning the company entered the Italian hose assembly market and in the first two years of operation it grew significantly until the availability of hose was no longer sufficient to satisfy the market’s demand. A challenge that turned into an opportunity and led the company to become a manufacturer of branded hoses in 1982 and to complete the range with spiral hoses in 1990. The careful selection of raw materials together with technologically advanced systems were, from the outset, the company’s distinctive assets, which made it become widely respected for its quality and professionalism on the Italian and foreign markets. “The Customers represent the heart of the Company and its strategic asset: a way of being, thinking, and producing, improving everything we do to better respond to their needs, rewarding their trust” says Giosiana de Stasio, who also comments: “Energy, innovative potential, open-mindedness and rigorous ethics: our growth is also an expression of the vigorous passion that drives our management team every day.” The company’s continuous growth was also the result of a investment plan, together with a commercial policy aimed at strengthening its activities abroad. DIESSE has a production site covering a total surface area of 50,000 m2 and has operations in 42 countries, from North America to Europe, Asia, and Oceania, 90% of its turnover being exports, with North America as its largest output market. Today DIESSE Rubber Hoses is run by Anna Maria, Raffaele and Giuseppe de Stasio, who work together with the second generation. In addition to Giosiana and Heleanna de Stasio, the nephews Stefano Santis in the role of Product Engineer and Alessandro Santis in the role of Process Engineer

Transform and innovate to compete globally

The competitive edge of DIESSE Rubber Hoses, which specializes in high value-added solutions, resides in the Only-Made-in-Italy design, capable of representing the quality imagery that is typical of the Italian industry in the world, combined with a strong propensity for innovation. The company bases its business development model on three strategic guidelines: Voice of the Customer, Independence, and Flexibility. First of all, the company pays constant attention to engaging with the market to promptly comprehend its evolution and respond with high-performance products. Furthermore, it operates with its own means and it has direct control of the value chain. This grants a greater efficiency and flexibility of processes, reducing the time-to-market. Design for Quality: every new product is designed and assessed with accurate tests that make it possible to combine technology and efficiency. In this way the value of innovation can be experienced in everyday life, the strict selection criteria for raw materials and components are a guarantee for compliance with high quality standards. Moreover, goals for improvement are set as a result of the continuous assessment of performances.

The range of products

The company manufactures the entire range of hydraulic hoses according to SAEJ517, EN 853-856-857-854. The company focus has always been to offer products that exceed the norm and hence the birth of the Fortius, Master and Overmaster families. From the experience gained in the production of these types, the families of hoses that perform even more are born since they combine in addition to a superior working pressure a very tight bending radius. This is how the compact Fighter and Stark are born. A similar development path follows the spiral family that has led to the engineering of the XFight family, where extreme performances have been combined with compact dimensions that have led to overcome the values reaching the results of even more than 1M impulse cycle. As bio oils are increasingly present on the market, the XBIO version has been introduced, which, alongside the characteristic of compatibility with these products, maintains excellence in performance. The worldwide presence required the introduction of products that resist even at low temperatures, hence the birth of the Iceflex and ICE Fighter families both in the braided and recently in the spiral version with a range from -70F to + 212F. It is very consolidated the experience of Fahrenheit hoses specifically designed for applications where 302F is required to meet the particular needs of the most important OEMs. Finally, the BOP hoses complete the range, they have been developed with the fiber glass for Oil & Gas sector, which have obtained the certification according to API 16D.


DIESSE Rubber Hoses is a company whose Quality System is certified by DNV UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. It obtained approvals of hose and assemblies by the American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) and the US Department of Transportation. Furthermore, DIESSE is also certified by the European Union Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU. The numerous certifications achieved are the recognition of the company’s stringent commitment to pursuing excellence in quality, while ensuring maximum protection of the workers’ safety and health. “Building on our achievements and remaining loyal to the values of our organization, we approach the future challenges with optimism, , knowing that new important goals await us” concludes Giosiana de Stasio. “We thank our Customers for the trust they placed in us. They will continue to be the core of our success and part of our history.”