We build according to your needs a bright future for your company

BTB Transfer Spa has been designing and building multispindle transfer machines with CNC indexing table for the last 30 years. Since 1987 more than 970 machines have been sold and delivered in over 30 countries and to 150 customers, with a yearly turnover of more than 35.000.000 €. In thirty years of activity BTB Transfer has brought its machines in the main global markets, being able to stand out with innovative solutions and by going past pre-existing methods, developing and patenting ad hoc solutions for the transfer machine, and by giving a small but substantial contribution in making Italian mechanical engineering what it is today: a technological excellence acknowledged all over the world. Currently BTB Transfer Spa, located in Bovezzo, Brescia – Italy, occupies an area of over 10.000 sqm with more than 130 employees, 40% of which are engineers and the rest are specialized mechanical and electronic technicians.

Its turnkey systems guarantee a high level of customization to meet the customer’s needs. Transfer machines are intended for any industrial sector for which high technology and large productivity are a requirement: automotive, valves and fittings, hydraulic, petrochemical, household appliances, and lock and key; and allow the machining of parts in aluminium, brass (with or without lead), cast iron and steel. The custom-made complete systems designed by BTB Transfer allow its customers to reach their production targets with a single product and by addressing a single referent.

Machine line TRO (transfer machine with Horizontal indexing table), optimal for the machining of parts up to three ways, guarantees the best productivity – compactness ratio by offering a solid product and high performances.

Machine line TRV (Vertical indexing table), optimised for parts with numerous radial machinings, allows the machining of complex parts while keeping a low cycle time. This machine type combined with tools, chucks and units assembled on machining centres, guarantee a high level of flexibility.

The company’s strong point is the attention to details and processes, result of constant research of excellence, both on a technological level and in the execution methods.

Given the ever high request of flexible machines that can produce complex parts and, in some cases, made of different materials, BTB Transfer has developed ad made different solutions to meet the needs of its customers, among which are part clamping systems interpolated on 4th and 5th axis.

Another solution is the so-called “Multicentre” machine, which can complete in a single cycle machinings on 5 sides without penalising the productivity, thanks to the use of units assembled on machining centres, especially thanks to the patented automatic tool-change system called “Curbiter” that allows the use of 3 or 4 tools directly on the machining centre, thus tripling or quadrupling the number of machinings executable.