Rivit riveting tools: a comprehensive range for any kind of fasteners

Rivit S.r.l. is an Italian leading Company for the production and distribution of fastening systems and tools for sheet metal working and assembly.

Through the years, Rivit came to develop a wide range of fasteners (blind rivets, rivet nuts, self-clinching, welding studs, blind bolts, cage nuts) and related tools for their installation.

For placing blind rivets and rivet nuts there are different kinds of riveting tools, such as:

  • hand riveters: easy to use and ideal for non-continuous works
  • pneumatic or hydro pneumatic riveters: specifically for professional and continuous installation works
  • battery riveters: as cordless they result to be much easier to handle and easily transportable
  • automatic system, equipped with automatic feeding for the production lines

    The reduction in fasteners loading time is an essential goal for industrial applications, especially in production lines. This is why Rivit developed and patented different automatic systems, which loads either the rivet or the rivet nuts directly on the head of the riveting tool and assure more productivity. This comes true thanks to:

  • Significant timesaving in installation operations
  • Higher operator safety
  • Usable with one hand
  • The riveting tool can be used with a balancer 

RIV609 is a patented automatic feeder for standard blind rivets, available in 2 models:

– Ø 3.2 mm, with 18mm max. length.

– Ø 4.0/4.8mm, with 18mm max. length (head non bigger than d. 9.8mm)

RIV609 usually comes with RIV503, and can be customized for any tool with mandrel suction.

RIV905 is a hand riveter for rivet nuts that allows you to place M12 rivet nuts with one hand. Unique of its kind, it is the ideal tool to place the whole range of available rivet nuts, M3 to M12, directly on site: you need just one tool! Thanks to the traction force operated with oil, RIV905 allows you to work with one hand, without too much effort.

It is 189mm wide and it weights (without kit) 1611gr. RIV905 comes without the front head kit: based on the rivet nut to be placed, the corresponding kit must be ordered separately.

The hydropneumatic tool RIV300 has been projected for placing speed rivets in cartridge and it is ideal to obtain quick and repeating riveting.

RIV300 is equipped with proper spare parts according to the type and diameter of the rivet to be placed.

The fittings selection has to be done as follows:

  • head according to rivet diameter;
  • mandrel according to rivet diameter, and head;
  • spring according to mandrel.

Rivets in cartridge are mostly used in automotive, electronics, electro mechanics, furnishing and illuminating engineering.


The complete range of Rivit products is available on www.rivit.it.

Watch the videos of the riveting tools on the You tube Rivit channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RivitBO