Scaglia Indeva – Extensive expertise in the design of Automatic Guided Vehicles

The INDEVA® AGV is the optimal solution for the automation of the material flow within a modern company.

The INDEVA® AGV is the solution to optimize the transport of materials, making it more efficient, flexible and less expensive.

AGVs INDEVA® have been chosen by large manufacturing companies in the Automotive, Mechanical, Electronic and Fashion Industries, because we provide our customers with expert, dedicated attention to their requirements from concept to commissioning and beyond.

Scaglia INDEVA SpA supplies the AGV ready to use with integrated motor and control unit including safety sensors.
The INDEVA® AGV can be programmed for simple configurations with fixed speed and single route or for complex operations which include several stops, pauses, up to 64 different programs.

It is very easy to make changes to the route: just apply the magnetic tape along the desired route and the automatic guided vehicle is ready to go. Additional units of floor signals control the stops and direction changes of the vehicle. Obstacles are detected by a series of sensors, which, if necessary, cause the vehicle stop. To change the route, simply remove the magnetic tape and reattach it along the new route.
Each AGV further crosses a charging point whilst travelling which helps to maintain the battery in a charged condition

INDEVA® AGV standard models range comprises Tugger AGV 750 -1500 kg and Tunnel AGV 750 kg.
The first type is typically used to tow a train of trolleys, the second using a fully automated pin-hook system to move trolleys through the workshop and warehouse.

Custom AGVs can be constructed to your exact specifications using either modular pipes and joints from INDEVA Lean System® range of components or a steel base structure.

Scaglia INDEVA has also developed a supervisor system, it is the brain interacting with all the automatic guided vehicles on the work floor: it receives from the AGVs information on their position and work parameters and controls crossings and overall traffic flow.

Nowadays Scaglia INDEVA can boast wide expertise and know-how in supplying state of the art internal material handling solutions with a large portfolio of satisfied customers among the most important corporations in the Automotive and non-Automotive industries.

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