MPB provides solutions for EMF / EMC / RF testing applications, through R&D, design, production, sale and rental of high technology electronic devices, training courses and consulting. In the field since 1998, MPB has acquired a know-how to be spent on any type of need in the field of reference

Our R&D department works every day to develop new ideas, continously pursuing new solutions for the telecommunications world and for signal measurements in EMC, EMI, EMF.

The MPB instrumentation is designed, manufactured and calibrated at our laboratories, equipped with ISO 14025 calibrated test equipment as well as suitable test and calibration environments such as anechoic chamber, TEM and GTEM cells, Helmoltz coils covering the range DC-40 GHz

The latest products developed by the research and development department of MPB are:

The PIRS (link to is an innovative system for generating amplified and feedback CW signals.

It can be used in radiated immunity tests (precompliance according to IEC 61000-4-3) and to generate electric field intensity signals from 1 V/m to 30 V/m in shielded environments, TEM and GTEM cells, anechoic or semi anechoic chambers.

Thanks to its battery power supply and its 8-hour autonomy (in generation and continuous amplification), it can be used with extreme ease in any environment, especially in “Situ” to perform radiated immunity tests on large systems and devices which are difficult to transport inside semi/anechoic chambers.

The EWB-P8 (link to probe is compatible with the EMR 300 series electromagnetic field meters. It is the first broadband sensor from 100 kHz to 8 GHz without the protection radon.

The NMR-03 (link to is a non-magnetic and non-reflective antenna tower. It allows to place antenna and sensors in every environment with no problem of interference, reflection or magnetic attraction. The tower is built with non-metallic material in order to be usable in anechoic chamber. The NMR-03 is solid, extendable up to 4m hight and easy mount. All these features make it greatly innovative tower for EMI-EMC, §RF, EMF and MRI measurement

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