Heavy lifting solutions from Hi-Force

The UK’s leading hydraulic tools manufacturer, Hi-Force, offers products that are specifically designed for heavy duty lifting and lowering applications in various industries including heavy engineering, construction, oil and gas, railways and ship building.
Hi-Force’s hydraulic tools can be relied upon to deliver optimum quality to the most challenging or hazardous of projects. Key to this reliability is the company’s commitment to research and development, which also ensures Hi-Force remains at the forefront of high pressure, hydraulic tool technology.

The Company’s 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Daventry, UK, houses numerous DMG Mori CNC machines, offering state of the art manufacturing capabilities. Machines such as the DMG Mori SL603 Lathe have dramatically reduced the delivery time for custom- manufactured and standard high tonnage hydraulic cylinders.

Hi-Force boasts a wide range of single and double acting hydraulic cylinders with capacities ranging from 4.5 to 1012 tonnes and stroke lengths up to 508 mm. A choice of hydraulic pumps are available for use with Hi-Force hydraulic cylinders, ranging from steel or aluminium manually operated pumps to air, electric, battery or petrol driven powered pumps. All hydraulic pumps are designed for operator convenience, each with a maximum working pressure of 700 bar and reservoir capacities up to 200 litres.
Custom designed options can be manufactured to meet specific and unique customer requirements worldwide.

A new addition to Hi-Force’s heavy lifting solutions range is the recently launched multi-functional fixed and variable speed drive synchronous lifting systems. The SLF fixed drive and SLV variable drive models have been designed for precise and controlled lifting and lowering of heavy loads and structures using multiple synchronised hydraulic cylinders. Ease of operation from a centralised control point, real time load lift monitoring and a user friendly design that allows safe and efficient movement of loads are the key features of this range of synchronous lifting systems which meet and exceed the demands of the industry.

Hi-Force’s research, development and design team have created this range with reliability and versatility in mind. Operating at maximum pressure of 700 bar, the systems feature a high efficiency three phase pump design which provides a faster flow at mid-range pressure, enabling projects with demanding time constraints to be completed as safely and efficiently as possible. Both the SLF and SLV range can be used with single or double acting cylinders in different configurations and is offered with pump units up to 400 litre reservoir capacity.
An intuitive touch screen controller panel with multiple screens allows the user to remotely monitor up to 8 channels for the SLF models and up to 32 channels for the SLV models, as well as select different operating modes including Manual, Pre-load, Automatic control, Depressurisation, Centre of gravity and Indicative weighing.
The SLF and SLV systems are built with a robust framework to withstand the demands of operation in harsh environments and demanding high usage applications, and can be adapted to suit customer’s special lifting requirements. Customised systems can also be tailored for unique application requirements.

Hi-Force has supplied to numerous bridge construction, elevated road and rail viaduct projects as well as specialised high tonnage lifting projects around the world, and continues to be the supplier of choice by many customers. Some of the notable projects where Hi-Force tools have been used include Miami Airport Link Metrorail Extension Project and Palmetto Dolphin Expressway in U.S.A., Jiboa Bridge Project in El Salvador, Fourth Road Replacement Bridge in Scotland, Rehabilitation of Tidal Bridges in South Africa, Repositioning of San Vincenzo Train Station Pedestrian Bridge in Italy, UtARK Railway Bridge Project in The Netherlands, SOCAR-Heavy Crane Alliance in Azerbaijan, Riyadh Metro Project and King Faisal Road Intersection Project in Saudi Arabia, Jamal Abdul Nasser Street Project in Kuwait, New Orbital Highway & Truck Route Contract in Qatar and Dubai Metro Link Viaduct Project in the United Arab Emirates, to name a few. Through investment in facilities, product design and manufacturing capabilities and with nearly four decades of hydraulic tool manufacturing and technical sales experience, Hi-Force is certainly a company that can be trusted with current and future hydraulic tool demands.

For more information on our products and services, visit www.hi-force.com