Founded in 1967, Tecnotelai has been producing furniture for industry for over 50 years. Its experience, matured over these years, has allowed it to respond with practicality and style to the trends of almost three generations of customers.
Only a few years after its inception, the company became a well-known brand across Italy and it continues its prodigious expansion today, both increasing its production capacity and furthering its research into solutions for excellence in furniture.
Attention to detail, use of high quality materials, practicality of furnishings, refinement towards perfection and value for money make Tecnotelai a consolidated reality in the furniture sector and a significant player in the “Made in Italy” industry, known throughout the world. Today Tecnotelai acts as a single point of contact for national and international customers in outfitting operational and management locations.
Absolute Made in Italy production: Italian quality, the use of the best materials, and attention to detail. The continuous drive for research and innovation means that the customers’ needs and tastes can often be identified even before they are expressed. In this way, creativity and inspiration are used to create new furnishings and solutions that always keep pace with the times.
Efficient before and after sales consulting and technical support ensure complete satisfaction of our customers’ expectations.
Over 2.500 high quality items, accompanied by a particularly fast and efficient transport combined with a technical department taking care of transforming the needs and requests into functional environments are the basis of our company. Each product is tested to withstand intensive use and is an excellent longterm investment.
Particularly concerning the offer dedicated to lockers, designed to offer a comfortable and organized solution to the employees as they prepare to enter or exit work spaces. We believe that the organization is at the base of the efficiency and productivity of any business.
Therefore, we offer a complete range of containers, industrial cabinets and small parts accessories with which to keep the tools and components used during work in the right place.
Recently, we have expanded our offer of security solutions: fall protection nets, environmental remediation products and liquid management systems, to always offer the right tool for every need.
We complete the range of solutions including industrial shelving, with its dedicated project office, trolleys, tool cabinets, small parts organizers, oil storage cabinets, plastic containers, metal containers, industrial containers, workbenches, tool benches, stools, pallet racks, cantilever racks and an even wider range of other quality solutions at competitive prices.
Tecnotelai technicians develop several plans along with photorealistic representations in order to provide a virtual simulation of the completely furnished location. A precise and timely after-sales service assists the customer with any needs after their purchase.