Since 1961, Carrara Sealing Solutions is one of the largest European manufacturer of sealing components for valves, pumps and flanges. Carrara is a competent, flexible and innovative resource that is always focused on customers to provide solutions to improve the reliability, efficiency and conformity of their processes.
Carrara has worked in the low-emission component sector for decades and today offers a product range that includes low-emission products for valve stems, bonnets and seats as well as LDAR environmental services.
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>Valve Components
>Environmental Services

– API622.ISO15848 . TA LUFT VDI2440 low-emission approved and graphite packings for valves, flat graphite gaskets and spiral wound gaskets
-BAM approved for Oxygen services graphite packing, flat graphite, spiral wound, braided PTFE packing and chevron PTFE packing
-Pressure seal graphite gaskets and high-pressure graphite stem packing -flange gaskets ring joint, camprofile and spiral wound gaskets
-heat exchanger gaskets double jacketed gaskets
-fire-safe and graphite gaskets for ball valve seats
-valve seats seats for soft inserted and metal to metal ball valves, seats for through conduit gate valves, special valve components
-insulating kit for flanges GRE steel core inserted insulating kit, fully equipped with sleeves and washers for high
-pressure applications
-LDAR and SMART LDAR Inspection protocols for the detection of fugitive emissions of volatile compounds (VOC) according to EPA Method 21 and IR OGI Camera (Camera Gas Imaging) techniques.

•ISO 15848 C01 BH
•ISO 15848 C02 BH
•API 622 3rd Edition
•Fire Test API 589
•Corrosion Test
•Weight Loss Test EN 14772, section 6.7