Baldoni Srl is able to provide any component, inclusive of surface treatments or any packaging, in containers of your choice, to satisfy the clients demand. Our company specialises in cutting and assembling metal profiles, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminium and other materials. Extreme accuracy and top quality are the hallmarks of our work. To this end, we use Laser machines for processing tubes and tubular products, elliptical and triangular profiles, “U” profiles, “C” profiles, “L” profiles, special sampling profiles and flat bars. Our three 2D laser cutting machines can perform inclined cuts, holes, loops, and any kind of interlocking pieces, thus delivering a high level of accuracy and quality of the finished product.
Since 15 May 2007, our production has seen a steady increase and we have added two tube laser machines, in order to keep pace with all our customer requests. This significant growth has led to an additional upgrade to our machinery inventory, as we introduced a 3D tube laser to best meet our customers’ needs, while also increasing our production rates.
Our new LT8, which is equipped with a tilting head, allows for 3D machining on both open profiles and special (even concave) sections. Our two laser machines, LT8 – LT712, allow us to meet any need for tube diameters ranging from 10 to 220 mm and bars weighing up to 37 kg/m. Moreover, utmost quality is guaranteed by additional devices that allow us to correctly position welding and to fix any geometric imperfections in the profile. All the machines are equipped with an automatic bundle loader ranging from 3200 mm to 8500 mm. The 8500 mm-long bundle loader was designed to optimise bar nesting and make bar changeover operations extremely quick.
Thanks to its several functions, tube laser provides customers with a number of key benefits, such as saving on materials and reducing assembly operations, as it creates mechanical joints and reference points to smooth welding lines and minimise equipment assembly costs.
We also offer a special service called “clean tube”, which consists in providing profiles without any scrap resulting from laser cutting. This is particularly important for the food, pneumatic transport, and automotive industries, just to name a few.