Favari Trasmissioni

Favari Trasmissioni S.r.l. guarantees first-class service, professional advice and soundness.
Favari Trasmissioni s.r.l. is the continuation of the better known and market leader Favari Variatori S.p.A, which had origin in Favari Macchine Utensili founded in 1925.
Favari Trasmissioni S.r.l. has at its disposal indoor selling engineers and customer’s technical support personnel. It also has an own work shop, to repair and revise its products and for customer’s special requests.
Favari Trasmissioni s.r.l. meets urgencies in 24 hours by having a standard products warehouse ready.
Favari Trasmissioni s.r.l. offers solutions in power transmission through a wide range of technical products, made by leading companies in the sector, represented and distributed by us.
Within the most appreciated products there are Tandler’s speed modulation and spiral bevel gearboxes, which are the most precise and performing on the market;
also, Zimm’s Screw jacks are much appreciated, because they offer combinable accessories for every moving and transmission needs.
Not less Piv Drives supplies since 1928 with its mechanical speed variator.
Other important representations are: Magnetic Tecnologies, specialized in brakes and couplings, Tschan for its great coupling coverage and IMS Gear known for their planetary gears.
Furthermore, for satisfy more necessities, Favari Trasmissioni designed its own product: a series of rigid couplings, checkable on our dedicated web site.