BONFANTI has proven experience in developing specific solutions for all customer needs, from material handling to equipment feeding, from storage to process control and tracking, for the optimization of the process timing. BONFANTI product range includes standard lifting equipment, automatic material handling systems, automatic warehouses, equipment for production process managing and tracking, general engineering and it is mainly dedicated for steel industry, heat treatment, pickling and plastic film. BONFANTI also provides consultancy and turnkey projects in EPC organization (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for the supply of complete factories and systems.
BONFANTI STANDARDS AND QUALITY BONFANTI equipment is designed using FEM and ISO standards in accordance with the MACHINERY DIRECTIVE for CE marking. Their dimensioning, besides the standards, takes into account both the particularities of the service as well as the conditions present in the work area where they are going to be used.

BONFANTI FOR STEEL – HDC EQUIPMENT The “HDC” range of products is dedicated to steel industry, able to satisfy always more complex operational requirements with the increase of uptime and reduction of time losses and it consents to cover all the production process handling starting from row material/mineral/scrap going all the way to the final phases dedicated to storage and dispatch areas, in order to increase safety and reduce the maintenance costs.
BONFANTI FOR HEAT TREATMENT – HT AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT The “HT” equipment are designed to manage AUTOMATIC handling and storing activities for the Forging/Heat treatment processes. The typical destinations are: forging, wireworks, fastener and bolts productions.
BONFANTI FOR PICKLING – “PP” AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT The “PP” equipment permits a fully Automatic management of the material handling for the pickling plants. The typical destinations are: Wireworks, Fastener and bolts productions and they are designed and produced to operate in corrosive and heavy environments, to completely manage the working cycles and handle, at the same time, different kind of materials,
BONFANTI FOR STORING – “WS” AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT The “WS” equipment are designed to manage the AUTOMATC storing of material having big dimensions and/or heavy weight (like Steel and Aluminium coils, steel billets, brass billets and profiles, Aluminium and steel plates, profiles, bars).
BONFANTI FOR PLASTIC FILM BONFANTI is market leader for Automatic handling, storing and packaging systems for the Plastic Film Production. A complete range of equipment and systems is available to satisfy all the logistic requirements (handling, weighing, packaging, labelling and storing) as well as SW applications, in order to be able to manage the whole production process (from winder to dispatch).