Cables and safeness: be safe choosing Cavicel’s cables

Nowadays Africa is the absolute protagonist of central themes like urbanization and population growth. Over the last years the African continent has been the core of several modernization and innovation projects; but how important is it for these projects to be developed guaranteeing safeness to local communities?
Cables, even if apparently basic products, are fundamental parts of projects, in fact beside transmitting electricity, signals and information, they must first of all conduct values and reliability.

Cavicel, over the last 30 years, has specialised it production in the development of fire resistant cables, FIRECEL. These cables are studied to ensure the correct operation of emergency systems in public buildings and they are realized with high quality materials, studied to prevent the spread of fire and the emission of toxic fumes on combustion.

FIRECEL cables grant the correct operation of fire systems and of strategic mechanisms connected to the plant itself. Indeed, the choice of the right cable turns out to be essential in critical situations. In order to simulate the real performances of its cables, Cavicel’s fire resistant cables are tasted and subjected to high temperature flames (up to 950°C), to mechanical shocks and performed under the action of water. During the last year, Cavicel has performed over 550 fire tests with the purpose of guaranteeing  to its final products. For this reason Cavicel is investing a lot in an organized internal laboratory, which is also one of the most equipped in Europe.
Cavicel’s cables are manufactured in accordance with International Standards and its cables FIRECEL SR114H and FIRECEL SR114E are BASEC and LPCB approved. This means that Cavicel’s production is constantly supervised in order to assure the maximum of reliability to its costumers.
Cavicel’s certifications are not just mere declaration of conformity, indeed they are effective evidences that ensure the high performances of Cavicel’s cables.
Accordingly, Quality is a key concept for Cavicel, and they spread it to all their production: INCOCEL instrumentation cables, OPTICEL optical fibre cables, their offshore cables, drilling muds resistant cables and to their special products. Cavicel is also specialized in the production of HDC cables, which are real linear sensors of temperature, able to detect heat along their length in the event of any abnormal increase of temperature that could cause fires.
In the vast selection of Cavicel’s cables, we also find the ones studied for critical environmental conditions. These cables are designed to be exposed in aggressive environments and in all those countries characterized by constant high temperatures. These cablese are also studied taking into consideration all those circumstances that go beyond project specifications. Indeed how much important is it in a project to consider, beside the safety aspect, the problems that could spring up during the installation of the cable itself?
In certain countries characterized by extreme weather conditions, cables drums are stocked for long periods in the desert without considering that the environment conditions could exceed the predicted temperatures. These conditions could expose cables to an early deterioration since the conditions are not the predicted ones.
Even under these circumstances cables must prove their value and Cavicel’s cables always do that. Cavicel, conducting value…