U-POWER Red Lion: 55% More Energy, 100% More Possibilities!

Two years after the official launch on the market of the new RED LION line, the work shoe that gives you energy, the sales success is unstoppable, absolutely without precedents in the world of work footwear.
Thanks to the inclusion of the insert in BASF’s INFINERGY in the sole, a material already used with incredible success in running shoes, the footwears of the line RED LION U-POWER return over 55% of energy at every step, guaranteeing the maximum comfort and responsiveness, with an anti-fatigue effect from morning to evening.

Prolonged standing times, long-distance displacements, movement stress and extreme postures aren’t a problem anymore for those who use U-POWER RED LION shoes, with a wide choice of items to satisfy all the requests: different footwear, but united by a unique, inimitable comfort and by an incredible anti-fatigue effect. Like the new Red Carpet and Red Up lines.

Red Carpet is a customized line designed especially designed to combat the fatigue experienced by workers whose jobs entail standing in one location for long periods with little chance to sit or move position. Its strength lies in its core technology featuring a revolutionary compound, used for anti-fatigue matting, which absorbs and relieves body stress; reducing the trauma caused by working at a workstation for extended periods of time. The result is that this material stimulates and activates the circulation and provides relief to the lower back, joints and neck; ensuring a high level of comfort and balance, reducing body strain in the workplace. Red Up, on the other hand, is the line designed to meet the needs of comfort at work thanks to the innovative HIGH REBOUND technology able to return over 40% of energy over the entire surface of the foot, both in the support and thrust phases. The energy is regenerated and returned consistently to guarantee an increase in performance over time.

From catering to construction, from craftsman to logistics, for every working environment, there is a model that perfectly meets the needs of any specific kind of job. How and where to find them? Visit our website www.u-power.it , you can choose from over 50 models the one that best suits your needs. And soon the next intense media campaign will take us to a new season of great results together.

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