CTS S.p.A. Industrial Handling Operation Lifting Activities Oversize and Heavy Haulages

CTS S.p.A. is a transport and forwarding company that pools several specialized firms, aimed to meet quickly and efficiently the different needs of the clients, providing a complete cycle service with the guarantee of the best safety standards.

The company in specialized in oversize and heavy haulages, industrial handling operations and lifting activities, and works in different branches, including industrial installation and relocations, ceramic, power, oli&gas, shipbuilding and civil engineering.

In all of these areas CTS has a deep experience, constantly enriched trough the search for advanced solutions, to always offer the best service.
Always focussed on quality and safety, CTS has been certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, while the OHSAS 18001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 is going to be obtained.

-80 SPMT axles Scheuerle
-30 modular axles 3,00 meters width
-12 modular axles 2,75 meters width
-24 modular axles 2,50 meters width
-58 trailers and semitrailers for exceptional transports
-Cranes ranging from 5 to 300 tons (focussed on indoor activities)
-Gantry systems (up to 1.100 tons) -Jacking systems (up to 1.800 tons)
-Rolling systems and skidding systems (up to 800 tons)
-Weighing systems (up to 1.200 tons)

Services: Planning, Engineering, Lifting, Transporting, Assembling and Positioning, Weighing and Testing. Locations: head office in Ravenna, branches in Venice and Genoa, operations wherever needed.

Contacts: Mail: info@ctstrasporti.it Web: www.ctstrasporti.it