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A universe of drones: from the design, developing, marketing of the most sophisticated RPAS ( Remotely Piloted Aircraft System), through the Academy where professionals and neophytes become pilots, to the Air Service which offers advanced, experimental and innovative services in Italy and abroad. To sum up nowadays Italdron Group represents a reality born 10 years ago from the idea of three young men who have decided to invest in their innovative and futuristic idea.

Who is Italdron and Group and its organization.
Italdron Group represents the synergy of three companies that focus their core business on the improvement of the
group. Italdron, founder of the Group, was born in 2008 in Ravenna experimenting technologies and applications,
learning from the experience of the technological innovation on the product and on the methodology of use, and it represents today the greatest Italian player on the market of the RPAS.

Through its qualified handicraft manufacture and its engineering department, Italdron is able to develop innovative technologies and vertical solutions characterized by security, performance and high level of customization.

Italdron Academy is born in 2016 from the manufacture experience and represents nowdays the most estalished training center of the national market. The pilots are trained following ENAC regulations with a professional learning process, today also certified by CEPAS (Bureau Veritas) concerning the industrial endorsements. Italdron Air Service represents finally, the natural evolution of the acquired competences and the know-how developed internally to the other two companies, in addition to the specialistic abilities of the engineering world. It represents the key element of the group as service provider able to satisfy the most demanding client.

The Group overview
The overall turnover of the Group is about 3 millions of euro and the staff is made of 25 professionals, internal and
external. Strength and soul of the Group are the territorial presence of 18 secondary bases, inclusive islands, devote
to provide pilotage education and training. They are also operational bases which represents a strategic network
able to increase the efficiency of services and operations, through their professionals and certified pilots. The
strong point of the Group is understand the market’s needs. The 10 years of know-how makes Italdron unique
not only as RPAS operator but also as partner of reference for big companies to whom offers turn key solutions for
several sectors, security, monitoring, inspection, reverse engineering.

The manufacture and the products
The main characteristics of Italdron’s product are the


reliability and the accordance to the regulations in force; they count 50.000 missions without failure. They are the result of a consolidate know-how in specific areas such as survey, non-destructive testing, surveillance, territory
asset digitalization. Some important customers such as Enel, Vodafone, Anas, Terna and several univerties have choosen Italdron not only for the product but also for innovation and development of new technologies. Recently the Italdron RPAS mass production has been associated with a “custom” production able to create new product or design, build and optimized the existing one for every single customer requirements, especially the big companies who want to internalize the process.

The training
Since 2016, when the new regulation was released, the Academy is working as RPAS training center. It has been
the first operator who obtained the Enac certification and nowdays counts 18 secondary bases through the national
territory, islands included. The offer includes professional pilot training for all scenarios (critical and not) starting
from the practice to the application in several fields.The high specialization required for pilotage activies is creating new jobs opportunity where the pilot is not only an enthusiast but a professional figure able to offer his own service to the biggest company.

The services
Air Service is the new born of the Group, in 2018. It represents the request of several companies which need to use the potential and innovation of RPAS in their daily activies. The reliability of product, the pilot professionalism and the creation of dedicated payload allow to answer to the large parts of the market: damn inspection, chimneys survey, environmental monitoring, reverse engineering, 3D model creation etc. The points of strength of the RPAS activities are the repeatability of the process following programmed pattern, the data collection in repository cloud, the user friendly software with dedicated functions. The recent concluded massive jobs with great satisfaction of all the stakeholders such as TERNA SpA or Nestlè Italia represent only an example of the potential of the team’s abilities.

The experimental projects in Italy and overseas.
Italdron counts local dealers abroad in Sud America, Emirates and other european countries and attends the most important UAV and geomatic Expositions such as The Commercial UAV Show of London, Intergeo in Germany and the Commercial UAV Expo Europe in Amsterdam. The aim is to expand the business and affirm Italdron as solutions provider made in Italy. In the last years Italdron has been involved in several experimental activities and business case development from China to Emirates where it has concluded the building inspection of Ethiad Towers: it has been a huge challenge because of considerable complexities such as high temperature, high quotas of flight abour 300 meters, strong wind condition and the overcoming of authorizations and rules limits.