Ablerex power solutions for Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Factory…. Many words to explain even more different innovations of Industry, but all based on two assets: “clean” energy and IT infrastructure. In fact, all the new and innovative paradigms of industry are based on the massive introduction in the shop floor of electronic devices and functions of any kind. All modern machines are driven by industrial PCs or similar, and they are more and more connected in a network to gather data to implement new production models or even new business models. When electronic devices are present, the need of a flawless and clean supply is there. Industrial machinery becomes sensitive to electric lines disturbances and the need of a UPS becomes urgent. A UPS, and in particular an on-line UPS, on one side provides energy continuity, keeping the machines working even if a blackout appears, on the other side acts like a “washing machine” Taurus 10kVA ~ 80kVA Mars III RT 6000VA ~ 10000VA of electricity delivering to the load a perfect sinewave whatever happens at the grid. Ablerex, with its full range of highly efficient on-line UPS, is the perfect partner to chose when looking to supply at best your Industry 4.0. Single phase UPS are perfect to supply one or few machines, while three phase UPS are most adapted to supply the industry datacenter or bigger industrial machines. When the industry issue concerns only the harmonics pollution, Ablerex has can propose the right solution: ENERSINE. This Active Power Filter is capable to remove harmonics up to the 51st, correct the power factor and balance currents, thus helping the grid and the load to perform at best.

In order to guarantee the availability of electrical energy, another aspect shall be considered, redundancy. This concept is very well known and applied in Datacenters

and in typical IT infrastructures and it is now increasing also in Industry. One of the ways to improve redundancy is to use two different sources to supply the same machine. But, differently from servers that are typically double corded, the industrial machines are most often single source. In this case, the use of an ATS or an STS (Automatic Transfer Switch / Static Transfer Switch) is recommended. Thanks to the minimum transfer time perfectly adapted to the supply of IT equipment, Ablerex ATS and STS are the best choice in this application.

But a smart factory is not only a high technology production with strong data gathering, analysis and use: more and more often it also targets the smallest possible carbon footprint. To reach this target the installation of photovoltaics or wind electricity is often the preferred solution. Unfortunately, this kind of energies have three significant limits: they are intermittent, difficult to predict and present in different time frames vs. operations needs. Therefore, to maximize the use of these energies, it’s strongly suggested to introduce some Energy Storage System. Also in this field, Ablerex can propose very efficient solutions, capable to achieve different results like peak shaving or time of use shifting, with a positive impact on both carbon footprint and maximization of self-production use.

Of course, all Ablerex units have onboarded communication functions, plus many options, and they can be directly part of the data network of the industry where they are installed.

Ablerex, the right Power Partner of your Industry 4.0 revolution.