The Art of Engineering


SEINGIM GLOBAL SERVICE S.R.L. is an Engineering Company with 20 years of experience. Through the years, the Company started focusing in multiple sectors: in the beginning, SEINGIM have operated with industries in Porto Marghera Area – one of the biggest industrial areas in north Italy. After the first years, the Company started including various sectors and disciplines. Nowadays SEINGIM operates in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Food and beverage, Buildings, Infrastructures and electric mobility, Energy production, Energy efficiency, Marine and R&D Sectors. The Company’s main activities are Engineering and Management, both mainly related to Plants and Systems Engineering. The main units are Process, Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and control, Telecommunications, Machinery, Package, Static Equipment, Piping, Thermotechnics, HVAC, Civil and structural, Firefighting, in addiction to project, construction, completion management, commissioning and plant start-up.

SEINGIM’s headquarters are in Ceggia, near Venice. Through the years, the Company opened multiple branches in strategic locations in the Italian territory, as Milan, Padua, Fano, Ispra (c/o JRC European Joint Research Centre), Bolzano, Cagliari and Rome. Further on, SEINGIM is going to open 2 more branches in Taranto and Catania.

SEINGIM pursues a business development policy, for improving constantly the technical offer. The team, is composed by more than 100 Engineers, Technicians and Experts, and in 2019 is going to reach 320.000 working hours.

The Technical Team strictly follows the HSEQ-EN Certification, to guarantee customers the highest quality in every project.

In Guamari’s “Report 2018 on the Italian Construction Architecture and Engineering Industry”, that analyse more than 10.000 Engineering Companies in Italy, SEINGIM reached the 97th place, climbing twelve positions from 2017.