Tradition in Dynamic Innovation:
The RUD Group


The RUD Group is a dynamic and modern family group, that is active worldwide. Our goal is continuous, profitable growth – with serious consideration for the careful treatment of our natural resources and our environment.

We are striving for a clear leadership position with our products and services in our market segments based on organisational and operational excellence. With over 140 years of experience and, taking round steel chains as a basis, we develop future-oriented solution concepts with chain systems and components in diverse forms and for a wide range of applications. We see our products as the result of our passion to creativity and perfection in our core competences metal working, welding, heat treatment, surface technology and forging. Long-term partnership with our customers, their satisfaction and trust in us are the heart of everything we do. We vouch for customer-oriented, innovative, value-added technology as well as consistent top quality and safety. That is our joint responsibility. Through our actively practiced, open and trusting corporate culture as well as our ongoing training and education, our international family enterprise is a motivated, energetic, flexible and competent team. Our applied concept of Courtesy of Choice is reflecting the centuries-old philosophy that acknowledges differences while allowing them to exist together in harmony.

Sling and Lashing Systems:
With our RUD sling and lashing means plus the lifting points we have introduced innovative designs that are setting the standards for the entire lifting industry. More than 700 lifting and lashing points either for bold-on or weld-on with a loading capacity up to 250 tons reduce handling costs and increase work safety.

With a variety of 370 VIP Sling chains and components in Grade 10, ranging from 4 mm to 28 mm and Grade 12 from 4 mm to 16 mm diameter, all lifting and lashing



tasks can be solved safely. As the first chain manufacturer we have received the authority to stamp (D1-12) for the highest grade of round steel chains, from the German employer’s insurance association. The standard version with RFID transponders makes it easier to label and test components that require testing. Our internallydeveloped RUD-ID-Net and the RUD-ID-System make processing and management more efficient and much faster.

The RUD chains Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG is divided into seven divisions:
RUD Lifting and Lashing Means, RUD Conveyor Systems, RUD Lifting and Drive Technology, RUD Tire Protection Chains, RUD Anti-Slip Chains, RUD Military Technology and RUD BarrierTech

The RUD ROV Hook :
The RUD ROV Hook is a completely new style of hook: one that has never been seen before. It features an innovative outwards opening safety latch and a patented mechanism with only two moving parts. “The simple but reliable functionality is based on the leveraging principle of rigid body physics to translate the movement of a trigger, when it is pressed or pulled by a lanyard into the opening of the hook’s gate” says David Jaramillo, Manager Business Development Marine/Offshore at RUD Ketten and Leader of the project.

The design was tested and proven on real life subsea operations. According to Kenny Morrison, Operations Manager UK/Canada at Subsea 7 “the new RUD hook provides a greatly enhanced degree of load security compared to traditional snap hooks, while retaining the snap hook’s ease of use for both connection and disconnection tasks. The initial prototypes were enthusiastically received by our offshore teams during testing as they can be operated with a single manipulator, which can significantly speed up operations. Operational feedback also resulted in the design being further optimised for use with grabber arms as well as manipulators”.

All hook main parts are manufactured from forged steel, with a safety factor 4:1 with respect to its working load limit, 100% crack-tested, and withstanding a dynamic loading of more than 20,000 load cycles according to European Standard EN 1677. The hook will be initially available as a 10t WLL capacity hook. However, other sizes are planned and will be developed based on further demand from the market.