Technology, Quality and Professionality at your disposal


The Company Gruppo Ferrari Srl borns thanks to it founder and CEO, Mr. Ferrari Edoardo, who has worked more than twenty years as General Manager in Oil & Gas and Energies Industries. Mr. Ferrari sets as first objective differentiating his work from competitors, providing to its customers services focused on seriousness, quality, professionalism and exclusiveness, even in the most extreme situations, in terms of time, issues and budgets.
This path to success has been possible by investing time and financial resources, creating the appropriate synergies on his Team Work, providing them the necessary technical and technological competences, giving to everyone the impulses and the motivations to achieve the purposes.

Thanks to competences and Certifications (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001 : 2007 ), Gruppo Ferrari Srl works steadily in Oil & Gas, Energy production using central gas turbine, turbo steam and gas power plants in the petrochemical sector, starting with partial and general mechanical revisions from us performed on various types of Gas and steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, gearboxes, generators and reducers; continuing with electro instrumental activities on-board machine, including the cable laying and wiring in the control room, calibration tools, Precommissioning – Commissioning and Start-Up.

The Company is specialized on design and implementation of “ready-to-use” plants for oil & gas industries: cogeneration plants, hydroelectric power plants, thermo power plants, biomass power plants, skids, oil rig, control cabin, assemblies and mechanical revisions. Gruppo Ferrari examines and follows with professionality the customer demands, needs and requests, starting from the first draft and developing it in all its various stages, to the full completeness;

As the project is ready and approved, Gruppo Ferrari creates a system from the beginning to the final installation, the programming and the start-up. This is possible thanks to the use of the best synergies among hardware, software, DCS, PLC, exploiting their best potentialities and applications.

Gruppo Ferrari has a logistic department and warehouse of about 500 square meters, in Via Pag, 15 and 37 in Ravenna and an operative department in San Vitale Port’s area, composed from 10.000 square meters of open yards and 5.500 square meters of covered areas; the company also has all the necessary equipments, resources and tools to satisfy all the applications, for example :lifting and handling equipment (forklifts, cranes, truck crane), tools, personal equipment and PPE for every worker.