RAMCRO The Brand of Speciat Cables made in Italy, opens offices in Dubai South

Special Cables you can trust

Ramcro s.p.a. is an Italian family company, producing high quality special cables and covering worldwide markets from over 35 years. Leaded by its CEO, Mr. Carlo Croci, the Company has expanded progressively the business, investing in skilled people, new equipment, first quality row materials and innovation. Today Ramcro SpA is one of the most successful Special Cables manufacturer in Europe and one of the most wellknown brand in the World. The key factors of Ramcro success are multiple but these can be brief in the capability to have a large cables options, a superior trustable cables quality and a deep market presence. As a matter of fact Ramcro is distributed in more than 40 Countries and has direct ofices presence in different Areas, the most recent one is the company Ramcro MENA DWC−LLC located in Dubai World Central, UAE. The gamma of cables families is one of the most complete if compared with the other European factories. Ramcro is able to manufacture (but not limited to) fire resistant cables, Building Management Systems cables, Fiber optical cables and Instrumentation cables for Oil & Gas or Water Treatement & Desalination Plants, as well as customized cables. Ramcro adopted an Integrated Management System complying with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001. Additionnally each Ramcro cables family is fully certified according to the most reliable and international standards.


Be preferred partners tor demanding customers, who require high performing, added value cables. We achieve this by supplying:
−Special cables customized to match top quality and strongest performance market requirements
−Fire resistant cables tested and certified according to all main industry standards
−High technology instrumentation cabies suitable to operate under extreme environmental conditions.



−Strong customer orientation: 80% turnover made with customer working with us since more than 15 years
−Tailored solutions to any technical requirement
−High quality standards in products, processes and people
−Outstanding worldwide experience
−Flexible reliable aGer sales services

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