FILTEC Filtec a global benchmark company in the plastic world

Filtec is a global benchmark in the world of plastics pelletizing. It roots are in the North− East of Italy, the Country’s most industrialized area, but its vocation is global.

Filtec was founded in 1993, by technicians with skills in cutting systems for molten plastics. Their aim was to conceive faster and more eficient production processes. Today their cutting systems are vertical or horizontal, in air, water ring and underwater type − suitable for every polymer, even the most critical. Screen− changers, water filters, horizontal and vertical spin dryers, vented vibrating screens are also part of the products range.

The Filtec K−factor is the customization of the products following each customer’s specific and expectations. Filtec is considered not only a machines producer, but also a reliable partner able to develop plans together with customers, that turn into life partners, co− workers and sharers of experiences.

In Filtec, technology is a very important aspect, but always next to service and human factor key factors as important as that. In Filtec nothing is taken for granted in order to find a better approach to matters of every kind. The result of such is shared by partners all over the world.

For Filtec, the pelletizing is not just the core business, but a life commitment: thanks to more than 1500 pelletizers sold worldwide, Filtec is engaged in a more and more effective managing of the plastic materials.

Filtec: Turn a new leaf, don’t make the conventional choice.

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