MEPOL Mepol Group, the expert team of the circular economy

The green economy supports an important market with great prospects for growth, with regard to plastics in particular. The “value chain”, on which the European Commission and the world’s policies rely, requires constant development and awareness to “close the circle” of the circular economy. Mepol Group has adopted an economic model for which what is unusable from one becomes a resource for someone else, specializing in the re−use of end−of−waste materials, by−products and source reduction, in order to be faithful to its corporate mission: being able to be true partners for
its customers, through a careful and specific counselling that leads to the realisation of customized projects.

This circular process starts with the design: as compounders, Mepol and its subsidiary ITI Poland support their customers in the development of specific products, manufacturing personalized compounds that meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of the final user. The R&D laboratories are equipped with cutting−edge technology and carry out all the required tests and analyses to identify the material, to design and develop new products, and to provide fast and complete solutions for their customers. The range of products includes a wide selection of high−tech thermoplastic compounds (Meplen − PP, Meplac − ABS, Meytel − PA) and eco−sustainable compounds (our ECO compounds, with at least 30% recycled materials in its formulation and recycled CSI certified) on a PP, PA, PE, ABS basis , PC−ABS, PS charged with glass fibre, calcium carbonate, talcum and many different fillers.

The “industrial symbiosis” in which waste, secondary


raw materials or by−products produced by any industry become the input for another production process, has been consolidated by the foundation of Polar, the company of Mepol Group that has developed its activity in the processing and in the trade of plastic materials deriving from industrial and post−consumer waste, certified according to UNI 10667−1. Based in Ferrara, Polar produces r−polymers and distributes plastics both in Italy and abroad.

Sometimes, however, the application for the final result or for the legal requirements (such as for the food industry or the medical sector) does not allow the use of a material that has already undergone a cycle of use but it is necessary to use a so−called “virgin” or first choice material. The compounding process supports these requirements through studying and testing the materials produced in accordance with specific certifications (EC Reg. “REACH” No. 1907ƒ2006, Dir. “RoHS” 2002ƒ95 ƒ
EC, WRAS, ACS, … ), and the subsidiary ITI Polymers has managed to create a network between the major primary producers of plastics and the end customer who need a targeted and professional distribution.

The range of products distributed is very wide and includes the entire material porVolio of the MOL group (which has merged SlovnaG and TVK), the polystyrene of Synthos, the polypropylene of Chevron Philips and, only for Italy, the entire range of Ruichem titanium dioxide. In this way of working, the customer and the supplier become part of a system that protects them from the legal point of view and supports them in their approach to a sustainable economy that pays attention to the quality of the product and the respect for the environment.