Seba Protezione srl produces and exports global personal protection devices

of global personal protection devices.

We produce and export global personal protection devices, such as: safety gloves, shoes, clothing, respiratory tract, protectives glasses, fall protection, hearing protection, articles for construction and products for maintenance.

SEBA PROTECTION was founded in 1968 by Giancarlo Minarelli, who brought in family components (his wife and his sons) along with some important, trusted collaborators.

The Company was originally created as a work protective gloves manufacturer and over the years has expanded its product range and its mission, becoming a supplier

We are located in Cento (Ferrara), in the North−East Italy (Emilia Romagna, well− known as Motor Valley). The Company’s activity is based on these fundamental business rules: reliability, service eficiency and
updated technological product development according to European International standards.

In order to guarantee its clients global service mirroring the quality of the safety devices themselves, SEBA has instituted a system of Quality Insurance whose role is to control technical, organisational and human elements which characterise relationships with our clients.

SEBA company policy is based on eficient order dispatch and delivery times, on honesty with our own distributors and sale agents network and on maximum post−sales support to satisfy all technical requirements associated with SEBA product use.

SEBA shares its inclination for constant research in ergonomics, comfort and safety with its supplier network. Research investments involve apparatus and internal technologies and, above all, the education and benefits of human resources.
These allow SEBA to continue to offer innovative solutions for safety devices and for articles designed for worker use.

SEBA currently works on the national and international markets with a structure of approximately 25 employees in the Italian Headquarter, 80 salses agents in Europe an over 400 employees in production factories abroad.

Our export markets are Austria, Spain, France, Balcan Peninsula, Greece, Cyprus, striving to extend SEBA presence in other International Markets.

In order to have a better understanding of our company, you can find further information and the catalogue in our website: