Fridle Group, a leading Italian company in the distribution of sealing solutions

Fridle Group is a leading Italian company in the distribution of sealing solutions, fluid connectors and hydraulic components used in the most diverse industrial sectors, including: Mechanics, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Biomedical and Oil & Gas. With the aim of providing supplies to over 2,500 customers worldwide and a qualified technical consulting service geared to the specific needs of the customer, Fridle Group employs a team of 75 members of staff who are diversified by specialisation, in order to suggest the most suitable and effective technical solution that fully meets the customer’s needs.

One of Fridle Group’s strengths is its vast, fully automated warehouse areas. The storage and sorting facilities contain over 120,000 product references and around 15 million pieces that make the Fridle Group warehouse the most assorted in Europe with a value equivalent to over 5 million euros.

Thanks to an eficient integrated IT system, the company is able to manage the customer’s order in real time and promptly organise its shipment to anywhere in the world.