Even more flexibitiły for Tec.At.Co. Atuminum Conductors

Tec.Al.Co. (TEchnology of ALuminum COnductors) is glad to announce its involvement in a new important R&D project to improve the flexibility of its Aluminum conductors.
The Company, located nearby the Gioia Tauro Port in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is a leader in the design and production of Aluminum bare conductors (wire, multiwire, rigid and flexible ropes) for Automotive, Aircra†, Naval and Energy applications.
In particular, the company’s core business is currently represented by flexible conductors (Class 5) which are produced in accordance with the main technical international standards and customized on the basis of specific Customers’ needs.
Tec.Al.Co., in accordance with its own Mission,
continuously promotes R&D activities. Thanks to the new Project, in partnership with accredited Centers of Research and Universities, the Company will be able to give a significant contribution to the performance improvement of Class 5 Aluminium Conductors in terms of space saving, cleanness increase and reduction of the contact resistance on the conductor-connector surface.

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